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Exploit Abuse

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It has come to the attention of the staff there is a MAJOR EXPLOIT occurring on the server. We also know multiple people have been abusing this exploit. In a matter of days we will know exactly who has been abusing an Eden NPC and to what extent. 


I am offering a one time deal to offenders. Confess and turn over all your illegally obtained items and we will spare banning you from the server. It's as simple as that. If you think you can somehow avoid my very thorough item log search and are willing to bet your accounts on me not catching you, then by all means, keep the secret to yourselves. 


To make this exploit even more clear so there are no questions as to if you've been abusing an Eden NPC I will go one step further. I will tell you exactly what the exploit is and how many people have been abusing it. 


Exploit: NPC Eve Natalia gives out guaranteed +7 refines for armor and weapons. This NPC was disabled last year because of the exploit. At some point, last month this NPC was enabled by accident. At minimum 8 players have abused these tickets to obtain mass amounts of +7 gear. At least one player, has abused this exploit nearly 300 times. You know who you are. 


You have until September 5, 2017 to contact me or Dulcet to let us know you have used the exploit. If you fail to do do so, I will be banning you from the server forever.  Each abuser must contact us. We will not accept confessions from one person on behalf of another.


On that note, I really don't care if I keep this server open for only one honestly player. So the theory of "what are they doing to do ban us? lolol" is out the door after this point. So if you know of any other exploits tell us now. I have a very bored staff member that really loves to comb over logs to find people doing shady things and they'll love to find out if you've been cheating the system. Again, reported exploits BEFORE the abuse will be rewarded with 1000 Auro as per my Mr. Puddle Abuse Post


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I remember when the Eden group house was implemented in the server I already discover this guaranteed upgrades ticket NPC and I'm the one told to one of you GM in-charge that time(forget it already who is it).. he just confiscate my 1pc ticket and disable the NPC producing it.. 




Steve, Rogers (cool golden bad baby monk) (y)

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