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Official Jelly Update

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JellyRO remains


Good Morning People of JellyRO, 


This announcement is going to be of the bitter sweet verity. I think most of my announcements are like that. I have to come out of my cave to have real talk from time to time. This announcement leaves me in a mood I can only describe as "wet blanket". I had been far too optimistic for far too long to see a lot of the real issues facing jRO so I'll just take a moment to dispel any rumors that might be floating around. 


Firstly, we aren't merging with some unnamed mystery server. I absolutely refuse to allow anyone else to get their hands on our DB ever again. If this thing ever dies, it dies with me. A captain goes down with their ship, not jump off the ship and throw the keys at the first mate and hope they know what to do. If this were to happen, the players would know ahead of time what was going down. I'd never leave you in the dark, even if there is literally only one player left on the server.


I admit the announcement Linus made may have been confusing for those not in staff chat. Basically, we had been paying for this crazy OP server ($900 every 3 months kind of OP) for 15 people to play on it. No donations have been coming in so this OP server was out of our price range. I let the staff know we had no money to support this lavishness so we needed to find a solution. Thankfully, in a pinch, our staff can come together and do some good. Linus and Kathis worked hard to move the server to a much more affordable option securing the future of the server well into the future even without a single donation coming in. The use of the word "server" may have been confusing. It wasn't meant as RO Server, but the actual server JellyRO uses to host the game. I hope that clears things up.


Next on the list... dramatic changes to the staff. You can take a look at the staff page to get an overview of what's going on with the staff at the moment. This month, we said goodbye to 3 staples in the jRO staff. Halcyon, Bifrost, and Skylar are now free elves. All three are welcome back on the staff. You'll also note the Hibernation Corner has grown to four. I believe Linus may be able to come out of hibernation soon, but the rest will remain there indefinitely. Donut was forced into the position of GM even though he said he wasn't ready for it, but I promised he'll be OK (official in game position hasn't been done yet, but should be by the end of the weekend). 


Which leads us into the "broken promises" section of our announcement. I'm not solely placing the blame on the staff changes, but I am going to say 75% of the issue is the staff changes and probably 25% is my inability to be a demanding boss and push people. Because of our staff changes we will not be releasing the promised EQI or the first round of SQI revamp in September like we had promised. This simply falls into the category of "we have no one to balance these things before releasing to the players" category. We have the devs to make the things, but no one to give us the makeup of these weapons or to balance them they simply cannot be made. I realize we've had these on the "to-do" list for months, if not years, but no tangible progress was made during that time either. I don't know what to say about this other than I'm terribly sorry and I completely understand if you leave the server. 


I guess after all of this JellyRO still stands. We aren't going to be making changes every month like we used to. Development will be minimal. It's basically going to be moving at the same speed all other nearly dead RO servers move at. We will have our seasonal and holiday events like we always had. We will have our GMs lead event. We will have new releases when they become available. But for now, I'm not going to be making posts with promised deadlines, that always seems to fail for us no matter how hard we work. Everything is going to come out as the projects are completely in a natural basis.


Thanks for everything. Viva JellyRO. 


P.S. if you do know of a dead server that'd fork over their player DB so we can consume them like Galactus PM me the contact for the owner and I'll try to make it happen.


P.P.S. The forum themes are a mess right now. I tried to save them but it was only made worse, for select the default theme and wait for word that the theme issue is ok now. 


P.P.P.S. Everyone in Texas stay safe. Don't be a hero. Don't do anything stupid. Stay safe. 

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At this point why dont we just go a bit crazy with the server and see what sticks? 15 isnt a whole lot to ruin if we come out with some weird items.

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15 is just our semi joking, not really joking number. After keeping an eye on things for the last couple months i can tell you there's 15-20 AVID people who're on all day every day. I can list at least 30 more people who are on here and there but not the main ones we see. There's probably more past that however some people are shy and like to hide from GM events for whatever reason...


However as some would have noticed i went through the ideabox and killed most of the ideas that I've confirmed our current Dev team is not readily capable of handling. Not reaching for the stars anymore gives us the ability to realistically put out content that we're confident in producing instead of relying on staff who just aren't here anymore and hoping they'd grace us with their presence to get something done.

I'm not sure about the 'go crazy' as much, but we'll see what comes in the following months.

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