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  1. Kiyle... You still  play? /dum

  2. Hey Laven? You still play? I want to catch up! Hit me up!

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    2. ミ☆ Austin

      ミ☆ Austin

      Knew u loved laven all this time

    3. thephi


      Oh shhhhhiiii. How’s the fam

    4. thephi



  3. thephi

    Mission Boards Temporarily Removed

    Ban hammer?
  4. thephi

    PVP after woe

    WOE RESULTS: EM Wins the castle Phasmatis wins PVP
  5. thephi

    PVP after woe

    See y’all tonight!
  6. Maybe one day Austin and Roy will have a girlfriend.. hahaha

    1. ミ☆ Austin

      ミ☆ Austin

      wow nice insult !!

  7. thephi

    PVP after woe

    Y’all sound like a bunch of nerds. Yikes
  8. thephi

    PVP after woe

    Pics from previous PVP. Woe Winner : Mithril
  9. thephi

    PVP after woe

    Tonight I may be slightly late or not even on. Please post ss of the war on this thread. GL
  10. thephi

    PVP after woe

    Woe too short! After woe regardless of the outcome of your guild. Bring your extra supplies the guild leader gave you and get prebuff and let’s have an all out war! not meant for trash talk or toxicity. Just come and have fun!