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  1. Well, nobody did this thing yet so I'll give it a shot! 😄 This is when Password was chosen as the weekly event. Players pictured: ~{P}hasmatis Lupus Kaeri Dave Chapaladin ..xiao.kai..
  2. It was hard to choose so I have a few... my favorite is first, followed by links to the others! This is toward the end of my wedding reception. A few close friends lingered to share personal sentiments. Nalin's words regarding me being a part of the Glowstick Tribunal guild still makes me feel warm and fuzzy. ❤️ And Hellsinger's comment still makes me "lawl". 😂 Here is the actual wedding~ https://i.imgur.com/n14ilJn.jpg Just a bunch of noobs! lol... https://i.imgur.com/KZuiXIv.jpg No worries, Gene. Your beautiful face is visible in my screenshot! (Not that anyone would need to see his face to know who is wearing that hat... 🍍) https://i.imgur.com/KrbaliE.jpg
  3. Do you wanna build a snowman~? IGN: Kaeri
  4. S> Auro 15k

    Place your order in the Glowstick Enterprises thread: 


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  6. Nee


  7. Super Summer Sale! Auro 15k! Place your orders at Marketplace > Mainstreet > Glowstick Enterprises


    1. lcw0526


      2k auro for me 

  8. WoE? On JellyRO? It's more likely than you think! Click to learn more...


  9. Auro sale! 15k each! Place your order today. Click for more info. 


  10. S> Auro 20k

    Can't decide which seasonal hat you want? Why not both? Place an order for 2000 Auro in my selling thread today and fulfill your hat collecting dreams. I have a limited supply, so don't delay!


  11. To celebrate Glowstick Enterprises' 10th anniversary, i am selling Auro for 15k each! Place your order in my thread today!



  12. If your name is listed in this post and we have not gotten in touch yet, please PM me! 


  13. If you like tea and shiny things, come to Santa's house in Lutie anytime between now and 5:15pm server time! <3

  14. Tea party! Check the link below for updates! <3


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