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  1. CHRISTMAS SCREENSHOT CONTEST: Hello, Jellies! The JellyRO staff will be holding a screenshot contest throughout the whole month of December. Submissions will last from Dec. 1st to Dec. 31st, so be sure to submit your screenshots in time. To submit: take a screenshot, press print screen on your keyboard, then, find the ScreenShot folder in your game folder and select your best image. Create a post in this thread, then insert your screenshot and submit! The staff will choose our favorites! How to participate: Take a screenshot in-game Post your screenshot to this thread. Rules: At least ONE character must be wearing the santa suit*. Screenshot MUST BE winter related. Must be a NON-EDITED screenshot, with the 'JellyRO' stamp at the bottom. ONE screenshot per post. ONE post per person. WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED BY STAFF AND ANNOUNCED ON JAN. 7TH** Prizes: 1st Place: Auro Pack (1050) 2nd Place: Garm Baby Pet 3rd Place: 2 Old Card Albums Participation reward: Jellybean * Santa Suit can be redeemed from Gifu at far_in01 18/29 (for more info, see December announcement) **PRIZES WILL BE SENT THROUGH RODEX (if you do not see this button in the top-right screen, use @rodex)
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