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  1. Dear All , 



    A 4 year old girl was admitted due to 
    leg fracture. As it was an open fracture, she had to undergo an operation   

    To stitch the protruding bone back in place.   
    Though it was quite a minor operation, she was hooked on to   
    life support system, as a part of the process.   

    The doctors had to input some data prior to the operation   
    to suit different conditions. Thereafter, the operation   
    proceeded. Half way through the process, the life support   
    system suddenly went dead.   

    The culprit : -   
    Some one was using his/her hand-phone outside the operation   
    theatre.. And the frequency had affected the system.. Theytried to track the person, but to no avail. The little girl, youngand innocent as she was, died soon after.   

    Be compassionate! Do not use your hand phone / mobilesespecially at any hospitals or within the Aircraft or anyplaces where you are told not to use it... You might not be   
    caught in the act, but you might have killed someone without   

    Please pass this to as many, since most of us are just notaware of the seriousness of this issue.   

    Please Don't Delete. Please Send this to all your contactsand help save a life..   

    Last Word: 
    Please avoid using your mobile phones in hospitals, near OT areas / petrol pumps / aircraft etc ... wherever it is mentioned no use of mobiles, go by the rules, it's a matter of life & death.  

    A tiny mail can save a life    


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      but i work in hospitals! 

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    From the desk of Kathis

    Well...i got too lazy to explain. Clap hand that all what i can do. my station is going to reach...i have squad logic every day. but what i found up is no one on the server. i don't need any logic anymore...maybe i'm looking for miracle . A word Teacher is not a position or a job. That only your work can prove the result..and not the word. i'm totally agree you are generate a good environment for us. but we all are difference , it was simple , if you want to remove someone from existence from the reality you exist in. just forgive about it. if you are talking about rules , how about syria ? life is being in mistake , you have to solve you own and not showing your edge. i'm here are not blame anyone. we have to move out from our comfort zone and keep learning...
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    From the desk of Kathis