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    From the desk of Kathis

    Well...i got too lazy to explain. Clap hand that all what i can do. my station is going to reach...i have squad logic every day. but what i found up is no one on the server. i don't need any logic anymore...maybe i'm looking for miracle . A word Teacher is not a position or a job. That only your work can prove the result..and not the word. i'm totally agree you are generate a good environment for us. but we all are difference , it was simple , if you want to remove someone from existence from the reality you exist in. just forgive about it. if you are talking about rules , how about syria ? life is being in mistake , you have to solve you own and not showing your edge. i'm here are not blame anyone. we have to move out from our comfort zone and keep learning...
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    From the desk of Kathis