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  1. Kathis

    Call to arms!

    Finally done tollying the scores, thank you everyone for participating and for your patience for waiting for the final score. Character Name Points 1 ~ Leica ~ 60452 2 zunzun 31958 3 .Scout. 25803 4 Packer lll 23031 5 Champion Rudie 19463 6 @ PEORTH @ 11000 7 Kototama 8719 8 --Black_Warrior-- 8153 9 H y e r i 7772 10 S o j i n 4801 11 )( Goddess )( 4557 12 The Nutcracker 4054 13 Rodrigo Roa Duterte 3738 14 **SKULD** 3655 15 Lord of Arrow 3283 16 --Killa-- 3230 17 Baby_Champion. 2800 18 Reign Yuie 2582 19 Give me two kisses 2308 20 P e t i X 2236 21 Ryu Minamoto 2040 22 Dyon Flowright 1626 23 M. A. Jaelani 1622 24 Smooth Dude 1487 25 *$*RaymonD*$* 1445 26 []Romeo Strike[] 1441 27 Tenjo_Night 1310 28 Bomber Will 1019 29 D_Xodus 720 30 i strike 685 31 Aava 650 32 Makarov Dreyar 640 33 Marcio~ 623 34 Biochemist Rudie 564 35 Goldmember 482 36 charlzstar224 434 37 R o m e o 423 38 Mal-chan 421 39 Chulainn 397 40 D e I t a 375 41 Admiral_GST 375 42 E i n a 352 43 The Enterpriser 329 44 (-TaVo-) 326 45 Kodokuna 308 46 xiao..kai.. 270 47 Irina Shayk 234 48 ~[Lethal]~ 230 49 ~LaDy~GaGa~ 225 50 iCeltic 198 51 Artemis. 188 52 BellDandy14 180 53 !!URD!! 180 54 **Doink** 164 55 ~*MiniLuffy*~ 164 56 Dark Potter 161 57 K a i y a 159 58 ~Aneko_Nimoto~ 143 59 Inappropriate Name 57 117 60 -noob here- 117 61 Frozty. 99 62 ~Kha|r|~ 94 63 .xiao.kai.. 90 64 zero_kick 88 65 Ryu_Akuma 85 66 Father Priest 85 67 Exalted 82 68 AngelFreak2 81 69 xiao kai.. 81 70 sinyel 80 71 D o i n k ~ 73 72 Father Ravenscar 72 73 Gotengs 71 74 Desmond123 70 75 Mr. Nice Guy III 70 76 Bodie 70 77 Barachiyel 69 78 *skittles* 65 79 Salazar Slytherin 65 As a reminder it it was for per character, The characters in the top 10 will be granted prizes through the rodex mail. (I edited the table above to include placement and a line. If you are below the line you didn't get an email or prize since it was only the top 10 characters.)
  2. Kathis

    Call to arms!

    It's taking me a while, since there were over 3000 logs to shift through, and some of them were from the slave of storm knight (which do not count)
  3. Independence!!! The Jellies have done it! Thanks to the heroes of JellyRO, Wounded Satan Morroc has been sealed back in the other dimension! This means that warps are now safely restored to normal and monsters can no longer pass through them. The city of Morroc has been rebuilding since the horrific disaster, and that ongoing process is coming along quickly now that the fields to the east of the city have been restored to their former sandy splendor! Residents and merchants (NPCs) are returning, and the roads between Morroc and Prontera are safer to travel! Blobs and Consequences To ensure that we can continue bringing you Jellyblobs while complying with international law, the drop rates for items from Jellyblobs and Summer Boxes can be found here: A more detailed explanation will be forthcoming. Further, due to people abusing Volleyball by starting a game and not actually playing to get the Auro, the handout has been decreased from 50 to 20 Auro for participating. WoE Castle Rotation Every 3 months we rotate the active WoE castles to keep things interesting. While these castles have been unused, they have been taken over by monsters, so don't expect empty halls just because there is no emblem on the flag. The following castles have been selected, and the warp clips have been modified accordingly. WoE TE: Friday @ 8pm Kafragarten 3 (Jasmine) Regular/Trans WoE: Saturday @ 8pm Payon/Balder 5 (Bamboo Groove Hill) Yuno/Nidhoggur 2 (Andlangr) Non-Trans WoE: Sunday @ 8am Prontera/Valkyrie 1 (Kriemhild) Monthly Updates Featured Auro Shop Costumes: Featured Jellybean Rewards: Additional Notes: Auro shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated. JellyBlob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes. Warps restored so monsters can no longer enter them. Fields east of Morroc are no longer affected by the rift and can be traveled normally. Several NPCs from moc_ruins were moved to Morroc. Monsters have been added to the old moc_fild maps. Warps have been enabled for the old moc_fild maps. Quality of life updates for some items and NPCs have been added to help with consistency. Some traders from Morroc have been added to our NPC database. [0] slotted versions of the Damascus, Jur, Katar, Town Sword, Cinquedea have been added. NPC shops will no longer be selling slotted equipment. This change is expected to be in the works. As a result, the slot enchanter NPC will allow these items to be enchanted to their slotted versions in the near future. Beach volleyball has been fixed so inactivity will trigger "no prize". How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net! Don't forget to patch! If something isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.
  4. Kathis

    Call to arms!

    Wounded Morroc has used the last of his power to break the protective barriers on all warp portals, allowing his Generals and minions to break through to finally try to take over Midgard! For this, we are calling to arms the players. Kill the MVPs and we'll give you points based on the MVP's level. However, Wounded Morroc is worth 200 points. We'll check the logs at the end of June 30th. The top 10 characters will get prizes. Grand prize is the Auro Pack (12000).
  5. Kathis

    Mission Boards Temporarily Removed

    No banning, will be occurring this time around, we just took down the boards and they will be back up once once I work out the bugs.
  6. Kathis

    Endless Cellar Event

    Kathis and Co are going to be hosting an Endless Cellar event
  7. Kathis

    Times that are good for you

    Some players have asked me if we can run a second GM Event. The problem is I need to know what times are good for you... So here is how this will work. Post the day of the week and time that is good for you. We'll compile the information and choose a second event based on that. “But Kathis, I work and my work schedule isn't stable!” Then please state something like that. Maybe post your workplace's open times and work off that, maybe you can partake in the morning, or after closing. “But I work at a place that is open 24-7!” ʅ(°'n´° ʅ_) I don't know what to say, I guess you will be a random show? Pick a time that would be good for you I guess. All times need to be SERVER time and 24-hour/military (1:00pm = 1300) Example: Monday 2000 - 2300
  8. Kathis

    Endless Tower

    Time to go through the endless tower (this being a GM event, it counts towards the SEVER RECORD!) Can we count on your participation?
  9. Kathis

    Find Kathis

    My my where could I be? Found by Susan Store
  10. Kathis

    Kathis GM Event

    Kathis is running a GM event, what could it be?
  11. Kathis

    Endless Cellar

    Time to go through the endless cellar and start the First Record of this dungeon. (this being a GM event, it counts towards the SEVER RECORD!) Can we count on your participation?
  12. Kathis

    GM Event

    Kathis will be running a GM event, I wonder what it will be!?
  13. Kathis

    Endless tower

    Kathis is running endless tower with co-host donut
  14. Kathis

    Find Kathis

    Smaller and smaller we go found by *Kitty~Chan*
  15. Kathis

    Find Kathis

    The picture is getting smaller and smaller, but fear not I'll post the background music as a clue ^^ zunzun found me