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  1. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    On the 18th day Be Sweet my lovelies look candy canes, fresh from the artist that makes our wonderful announcement banners. 1 for each of the staff members, oh those that have been not very active can have the small peppermints. What's that? Oh! the code, yes yes, you can ignore the Peppermints that's my clue; and the code is a word... that's my other clue so you don't go on a wild goose chase...
  2. Kathis

    It’s a Very Jelly Christmas!

    I've stated this several times over the past few months. Npcs that use custom items for a shop, do not have a custom message, they pull it straight from the kafra points message set (this we cannot change) So first thing to note here is that when ever we use any of these sort of shops we'll have the npc tell you the item, somewhere in the dialogue. If you didn't catch it, the currency that is being used will still be calculated at the displayed down by the points at the bottom. After dragging an item into the buying items window, it will calculate the amount of "points" (or currency of choice) you will need, hitting buy will bring up the message "Do you you want to purchase this item? # points will be deducted from your total Kafra Credit Points" <- This term Kafra Credits is from the good old days of RO when you had to buy Kafra points from the website, or ad credits. This is not changeable, since it's client side. It would be nice if it took the currency item id's name and changed it over to "Special Xmas Item Ticket" but that is not is a pipe dream at this point since the client.exe would need to be modified, as well as the server source code, and I have very little idea on where to start on the hexing for such a change. In the event you do not have enough points (or custom item currency) that message appears. "You do not have enough Kafra Credit points" again I cannot change this message easily. So roll with it. In Nekorace's he won't even bring up the store in the occurrence you don't even have a single Special Xmas Item Ticket so what you are describing to me sounds like your trying to get more items then you should, or trying to purchase items that are out of your price range. If you do have said items, then put the number into the "use Auro: [ ] Cash" field. Which again, is set based on things that I cannot change for npcs, it grabs it from the Auro/cash store naming messages. I hope that answers your question.
  3. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    On the 15th day (again extended, these holidays are really not giving much time) I was playing black in this game of chest, and my friend is only 1 pawn up me. But that's not where the puzzle comes in. I need to know where his pieces are, because I suspect they may be cheating. Write down from the pieces position starting from the highest ranking piece to the lowest. Since there are so many pawns, start from A1 and work towards H8 SOLUTION : E3A1A2B2F2E4 HOW TO SOLVE: Standard chest board from Black position, Just count the squares HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 0 On the 16th day of christmas I got a new set of dominos! Can you figure out the code? SOLUTION : happyholidays HOW TO SOLVE: It's Braille Translating each of the dots spells out happyholidays HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 0 On the 17th day of christmas (because Kathis is getting ready just incase something happens tomorrow!) Seriously I have the worst luck with Scrabble... SOLUTION : m3x8v4j8q10z10g2 HOW TO SOLVE: It's right there... in front of you... with the letters and the numbers... HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 4
  4. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    Day 14th (again due to being late it will get an extension) So I have a friend who lives even more north than me, and he sent me a gift all encased in a block of ice! With it a card. You can use 150 ml cups of hot water to melt 30 g of ice, The ice block should be 2kg when it arrives. so I have to work out how much hot water I need to use. How many cups of hot water do I need to use? the code format will be 20181214_ followed by how many cups. so if you say 2 cups are required it would be 20181214_2 SOLUTION : 20181214_0 HOW TO SOLVE: It was a riddle and a puzzle all rolled into one, the trick here is it's ice, I don't need to use any hot water for ice to melt. (though if I did want it with hot water, I would need 67 cups (or 10.05kg) of hot water, what a waste... granted I got this puzzle from professor layton, so there is a chance you guys were able to google that, *makes a note of that in future* HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 9
  5. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    The 11th day code is extended for 1 more day, Ani_thing contacted me on discord, and had a lovely paper version, and wasn't sure where they went wrong. After looking at it with my answer key turns out I my fingers had hit the wrong key for 1 of the cells in the code. So you guys get a bit more time to solve that one, or to retry submitting, everyone thank Ani_thing
  6. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    On the 11th day of christmas Kathis computer was comput, on the 12th day of christmas Kathis rushed to get the puzzles ready to post, and decided to post the 13th day puzzle while he was at it! 11th day puzzle standard rules, you can only have 1 distinct value in each column, row, and each box. All values must be used 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F The code is the green boxes, read like english again, but instead of each LINE, use each BIG box as a character. example. If the 3 was highlighted in the top box and then the E was highlighted in the next box over it would be 3E. SOLUTION : D9D53F2DEFACC49C HOW TO SOLVE: There isn't much more I can say, I am asking one of the ani_thing (you know the guy that found the error, which forced me to add an extension for you guys) if I can use his solved puzzle. so you can see. HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 2 12th day Are you familiar with the traveling salesman problem? Starting at S find the shortest route you can. Hitting the letters and returning to S There isn't really something I can use to check my work for this sort of puzzle so I'll state now that my shortest distance was 374, If you get smaller let me know Your Code should start with S and end with S, you can travel back a path if you wish, there is no rules against that. Your code will be the letters you traveled to and is 11 characters in total (unless someone pm's me a shorter distance that still hits all the nodes at least once. SOLUTION : SEHFIGDBACS HOW TO SOLVE: this one is hard to explain, But simply follow a path and work with it, the easiest way to figure it out is to add some weight rules, your goal for each movement is to hit a letter you never had yet, since failure to do so is more travel time. pick a route and keep trying with the shorter distance. Those who tried SCABDGIFHES you're technically not wrong, but you could have and should have tried the reverse order. HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 2 13th day How sweet a message, but where is the code, why it's simple, you see I require the letters in order. of their numeric value. (0-9). This puzzle however has two solutions if I left it there, so I'll state I want the one where Lutie is bigger than 80,000. SOLUTION : omyjuietlr HOW TO SOLVE: Math is hard but we have a few rules in our belt. Each letter is a single digit of the numeric alphabet, knowing that there are 10 characters, and none of them can be duplicated. We can make some logical rules. 3Y = ?E , ?+2L+R = ?I , ? + 2L + R = ?T In this case we know that the ? from the second column must be different from the tens column, so on and so forth. and lastly 2J + M + ? = L which is less than 9 Now I did state that there were 2 solutions, Working it all out you could have had 30882+36882+16992=84756 o = 0 m = 1 y = 2 j = 3 u = 4 i = 5 e = 6 t = 7 l = 8 r = 9 or 12776+18776+38996=70548 u = 0 j = 1 o = 2 m = 3 i = 4 t = 5 y = 6 l = 7 e = 8 r = 9 this is why I stated the LUTIE was larger than 80,000 which should have given you 1 final clue. L was 8 or 9 HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 0 (Honestly I am glad no one got this one, because it means I won't have to come up with it ever again, these are HARD to make >_>) Due to me being late, I'll have these puzzle codes expire on the 14th day.
  7. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    On the 10th day we had to make a tree, 3 trees. Put the pieces in the place and read from left to right, to bottom, (here's a hint the ones with the red ornaments go on the bottom) SOLUTION : 34485761 HOW TO SOLVE: Put the pieces in the designated spots without any overlap and get the numbers to make your code HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 11
  8. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    On the Ninth day Kathis pulled out a Perplex City card Bored, on a cold winter's day, Otto and Pip decided to set me a puzzle. The cut out six snowflakes, and then made six identical copies. Their challenge was to match the pairs up. they say every snowflake is unique #L#+1L#+2L...#+5L SOLUTION : 1A2E3F4B5C6D HOW TO SOLVE: It's hard to describe, it's a matter of matching the patterns. It becomes easier when you break the snowflakes into 12 parts and try to match up the pattern from there, (6 is easy to figure out. and half of that.) You can also match 2 of them easily, the D and the c just by looking at them . HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 9
  9. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    On the 8th day of christmas...Kathis went shopping? Contact Lenses[1] 4,000,000 Khalitzburg Card 3,000,000 Charmer's Rose 14,999,999 Elemental Sword[3] 80,000,000 Berserk 8,000,000 Angel Wing Ears[1] 7,000,000 Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb[1] 29,999,999 Condor Card 499,999 Costume Long Tongue 2,999,999 Orleans's Glove[1] 3,000,000 Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb[1] 29,999,999 Studded Knuckles[3] 1,399,999 Lude Mask 3,000,000 Wizardry Staff 10,000,000 Diabolus Boots[1] 500,000 Monocle[1] 4,999,999 Lude Mask 3,000,000 Costume Light Darkness Crown 3,999,999 Diabolus Boots[1] 500,000 But where is the code? oh it's there...Just gotta remember that codes don't make words all the time. besides, its only 19 letters SOLUTION : CKCEBANCCONSLWDMLCD HOW TO SOLVE: Using Acrostic method, you take the first letter of each sentence, once done you got your code, granted, the redeeming codes don't need to be words, (and it's better to not since they require to be unique.) HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 0
  10. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    On the 7th days of christmas, 5 people solved the puzzle above, so here is an easy one True kathis fact, he is bad at spelling, so I didn't really try to make a "unscramble this word, inside the other words" type of puzzle ...yet... so ya go in order. SOLUTION : sguthfvagur HOW TO SOLVE: Unscramble the letters into words and then wherever the green boxes were you just took that letter to make the code. The words are as follows Chri[s]tmas Porin[g] L[u]tie San[t]aclaus Nort[h]Pole Is[f]orsvar superNo[v]ice JellyR[a]narokOnline Sin[g]leUnionArmy M[u]sic Peart[r]ee HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 0
  11. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    On the 6th day of christmas my true love gave me an odd puzzle? and a example.... I particularly like puzzles and things like this, It's a shame that I was too young when Perplex city was being a thing :< I heard of it and saw some cards but not but being a kid you never got the money to buy them. So enjoy the puzzles and activities. SOLUTION : tmfeadsyq HOW TO SOLVE: This particular code is known as Puzzle code https://www.omniglot.com/conscripts/puzzlecode.htm however not knowing that you still would be able to solve it since each Letter of the alphabet is represented as a 1 for 1. Each piece followed a rule, and knowing that rule makes this way too easy, however that is why I provided an example so you would be able to deduce the rule, and some of you had, A+ to you that did, and for those that attempted a B, because you did your best! :D Translating my puzzle would result the following (each [ ] is a peice) I had a lot of spaces on the outside because it looked niced. [S][o][ ][m][a][n][y][ ][c][o][d][e][s][ ] [I][ ][c][o][u][l][d][ ][d][o][ ][ ][ ] [t][h][e][ ][c][o][d][e][ ][i][s][ ] [T][M][F][E][A][D][S][Y][Q][ ][ ] [T][H][I][S][ ][I][S][ ][F][U][N][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ] HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 5
  12. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    I like to see everything in rose color tinted glasses... Not really, I do have irlens but red hurts my eyes, there are 3 ways to solve this one. 1. own one of those red color glasses, or a red tinted candy wrapper, or a 3d glasses and close an eye, or a red overlay... you get the idea. 2. Get a program that lets you to turn off the green and blue color channels, (I like gimp it's free....) 3. squint very very hard.... Good luck with this one :D Hopefully your enjoying the little mini activities I thought this would be more fun than last year where it's more of a scavenger hunt across our medias SOLUTION : HardcodeNo? HOW TO SOLVE: find a way to read the message that is hidden under the red, which can be simply removing leaving the red channel, or filtering through a red filter. HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 13
  13. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    From the top to the bottom, Grab the letters to make the code SOLUTION : t52skemafh HOW TO SOLVE: Go through the maze, any letter you run across add that to your code. HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 11
  14. Kathis

    Advent calendar

    Dec 2nd is listed in the announcement but SOLUTION : AfreebieCode HOW TO SOLVE: Go to the announcement and get the code there. HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 14 already at the 3rd so I may as well post that here too I am english so I read top to bottom, left to right. The code is the garbage letters. SOLUTION : XWTLOGZNX HOW TO SOLVE: Find all the words and what ever was left starting from the upper left, to the bottom right, right to left, get all the left over letters HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 11
  15. It’s a Very Jelly Christmas! Snow is starting to fall, which can only mean one thing: Christmas! Gather all ye merry around the Yule fire to drink warm cocoa, decorate the Christmas tree, put up your stockings, and exchange gifts! Celebrate the holiday with event quests, games, and of course gifts! We have a lot of ground to cover in this announcement so let's get to it! Singles Union Fed up with happy couples, the Singles Union is recruiting! All unmarried characters can join the Singles Union in fulfilling its Christmas agenda by reporting to Union Commander Cliff at xmas,150,134. Solstice Zones The Solstice Lands have returned! Four maps with monsters have been added for your exploring pleasure. Zone 1 is for people base level 40 and below, and Zone 2 is for people base level 80 and below. Zones 3 and 4 are open to all, but beware! Zone 4 has PvP and if you’re not in the same guild, you can be attacked! Audrey the Angeling at xmas,202,206 was informed that you would be coming, and his pal Zack at xmas,259,114 will happily take the Christmas stones you gather there. He has many prizes for you, but be quick, because stock is limited! Advent Calendar If you haven’t noticed, we’ve released the first couple of codes for the JellyRO Advent Calendar! Count the days till Christmas with a treat each day. Look for a code and redeem it before the end of the day for a gift from us to you! To redeem your code, login to Control Panel and select the Rewards option. For December 2nd, we'll post the code here. It will be good till the start of the 4th so be sure to redeem it. For all other codes, be sure to check this thread: Advent Calendar Event Thread As for the code for December 2nd: AfreebieCode Xmas Boxes It wouldn’t be Christmas without presents! Xmas Boxes will be available in the Auro Shop for the duration of the event, for only 100 Auro. Special Tickets can even be found in the boxes, and can be turned in to the cat in the event map. What did Jelly Claus get you for Christmas? The only way to know is to get an Xmas Box for yourself! Bingo Also in Xmas Boxes are lotto balls, which can be used to play Bingo! Get your card at Bingo Card and join the fun! To see all the prizes be sure to check this thread Bingo Event Thread, remember you can only call bingo once! At the end of the month the Lotto Balls will vanish so be sure to call bingo before then! Monthly Updates New Auro Shop Sales Featured costumes: New Jellybean Rewards Hats of Summer revamp continues! Blazing Sun Torch Cap Hunter's Cap [1] Lost Minstrel's Cursed Hat [1] Rage of Luster [1] Additional Notes Auro shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated. Christmas has been added to Prontera. NPCs have been moved because of Christmas in Prontera. Quest log upgrade to clarify objectives. Dragon’s Pride has been changed to +6 to Str, Vit, Dex. Wings of Perseverance has been changed to +6 to Int, Agi, Luk. Horns of Arrogance has been changed to +6 to Dex, Agi, Luk. Dark Knight’s Sorrow has been changed to +6 to Str, Int, Vit. (all of these replace the previous +5 to all stats) Rainmaker pipe has been changed to 3% resistance against magic attacks. Bazooka Bubble gum has been changed to 3% resistance to physical attacks. Lucky clover has been changed to LUK +1, MaxSP +20. To follow updates, you can also always refer to the server changelog. How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net! Don't forget to PATCH! If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.