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  1. Kathis

    Falling into Jelly

    Turning Leaves The weather is cooling and the leaves are starting to turn brilliant shades of yellow and red. Autumn is arriving this month at Jelly, and that means the trappings of summer must be packed up for the year. Summer's End After this month's maintenance, summer suits will disappear from everyone's inventory. Hope you enjoyed the cool clothes for the hot weather! Volleyball is also ending. Changes in Mechanics Some other exciting new changes to JellyRO involves increasing the vision, and movement range. The reason why these used to be very small, is because the old client couldn't zoom out very much. The current range is 32 cells away from your character. We tested with range attacks, they still are about 14 cells. What this means is next summer people outside of volleyball can see the entire court, in bomb poring you can see all the bombs so no more sneaky exploding timers, and it also means it makes sense for movement if your zoom is like mine in the picture. However like all things I cannot stress test this on the test server. So if the server experiences lag, we will reduce the range until we find a happy equilibrium. Another thing that is changed is that the merchant class can now earn JOB experience for buying and selling items with discount and overcharge. Which is great since it fits the class much better. Talking to the NPCs reveals that money is their main focus. It's not much but it does allow the merchants an alternate way to play. I have plans for the base experience that makes sense for merchants, but that is something that will have to wait. If this causes problems we can easily remove it, but let's at least try it first. People don't know what they want until you show it to them. Some notes, this only works with skills that were bought with skill points, so the Pirate skeleton card does not work, and super novices are applicable if they get overcharge or discount, compulsive discount from rogues does not count. Lastly we increased the auto trade timeout, since we understand that most of our players are adults with busy lives. It has been extended to 7 days. Zeny to Auro The battle of getting donations backup is slow and painful. Flux is unmoving, which is leaving me the alternative of simply making our own website. So until then we have a Zeny to Auro Exchange NPC. Located near the redeeming NPC in Prontera. This NPC is temporary, so when donations are back it will be removed. The reason why we made them 50k per auro, is because it's deliberately more than what the market price is. Further, we made it a custom shop so your discount / overcharge / compulsive discounts don't work. When you finish purchasing, a message pops up telling you to close the window, failure to do this will softlock you. As for those who are worried about donations and the server not being able to be paid, when it comes to what's within our control, the server is secured. Our free to play members have nothing to worry about since I will be paying the server out of my own pocket. All the donations do in this case is soften how much I need to spend. WoE Slander First and foremost, I want to make it clear that I am disappointed in how some of our players acted last night, in the discord, and in the #main channel. If you believe someone is cheating, please provide evidence to support your claim. If you only suspect then let us know in an @request, or a ticket; I will investigate. Upon reviewing the evidence I had I can state that the accused had done nothing wrong, their attack patterns were very human, and when it came down to multi-clienting, for the most part there was one person per IP active at a time. The only exception to this were those that we have listed as same house players. That being said, to those who believe that WoE will never be fixed, I will remind you all that I have no love for WoE, I find it brings the most toxic behaviour from our community, and it saddens me that this is the case. That being said, because I have no love for WoE, I am not the best person to fix it. I can figure out balance among gear and classes, but I cannot stop super guilds from forming, nor force people to play WoE. I honestly believe that the reason why people play WoE and get as frustrated when they lose a castle or cannot outnumber / out play a guild, is primarily because WoE has content locked behind the castle eco and defense. For example the Gate Manager has special maps for the server if the collective castles eco reaches 100, but since we only have 1 castle per region at a time, it requires a castle to max out, there is also the Treasure chests and Okolnir. The problem isn't that WoE is broken, it's that there aren't many activities that guilds can participate in. If I am going to fix anything, I believe this is what needs to be addressed. Most of our players are social not killers, PvP isn't their main drive. So perhaps instances that are like Okolnir where it's guild based and not party or other special little things for a guild rather than single players may be the right direction. On that note, I really don't care if I keep this server open for only one player, just like Flan before me had stated. Monthly Updates Featured Auro Shop Costumes Featured Jellybean Rewards Additional Notes Auro shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated. Jelly Blob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes. Summer suit and summer parts were removed from all inventories. Volleyball, and Tailor were removed. To follow updates, you can also refer to the server changelog. How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net! Don't forget to patch! If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.
  2. Kathis

    WoE Warp Wrap-up

    There is not a whole lot we can do about not using the warps and flags as means to enter. If you see someone who shouldn't be there during NT, screen shot it with their name, and submit a ticket. If we checked when someone enters a map, it would trigger when anyone enters any map, and then compare the map they were in. Doing this for all the castles and adding the additional check to see if the castle is part of NT will only cause lag. Hence why we are not doing that option. someone walks enters into prontera. server would then check to see if it was one of the many castles maps, (each script would trigger like this) we already have this sort of issue with killing mobs, (checks when any mob is killed to see if they are part of the race of the day, or the monster of the day) a lot of old scripts do this, which is why sometimes the players event queue fills up, and certain things simply do not occur right. We can limit the lag, and server stress as much as we can. You are all adults, and should know where you can and shouldn't be.
  3. Kathis

    Endless Cellar Event

    Kathis and Co are going to be hosting an Endless Cellar event
  4. Kathis

    Times that are good for you

    Some players have asked me if we can run a second GM Event. The problem is I need to know what times are good for you... So here is how this will work. Post the day of the week and time that is good for you. We'll compile the information and choose a second event based on that. “But Kathis, I work and my work schedule isn't stable!” Then please state something like that. Maybe post your workplace's open times and work off that, maybe you can partake in the morning, or after closing. “But I work at a place that is open 24-7!” ʅ(°'n´° ʅ_) I don't know what to say, I guess you will be a random show? Pick a time that would be good for you I guess. All times need to be SERVER time and 24-hour/military (1:00pm = 1300) Example: Monday 2000 - 2300
  5. Kathis

    Endless Tower

    Time to go through the endless tower (this being a GM event, it counts towards the SEVER RECORD!) Can we count on your participation?
  6. Kathis

    Find Kathis

    My my where could I be? Found by Susan Store
  7. Kathis

    Kathis GM Event

    Kathis is running a GM event, what could it be?
  8. Kathis

    Endless Cellar

    Time to go through the endless cellar and start the First Record of this dungeon. (this being a GM event, it counts towards the SEVER RECORD!) Can we count on your participation?
  9. Kathis

    GM Event

    Kathis will be running a GM event, I wonder what it will be!?
  10. Kathis

    Endless tower

    Kathis is running endless tower with co-host donut
  11. Kathis

    Find Kathis

    Smaller and smaller we go found by *Kitty~Chan*
  12. Kathis

    Find Kathis

    The picture is getting smaller and smaller, but fear not I'll post the background music as a clue ^^ zunzun found me
  13. Kathis

    Find Kathis

    It is a random active event when ever we hit 20 players online, and I am busy coding away.
  14. Kathis

    Find Kathis

  15. Kathis

    Find Kathis

    We made it up to 24 players online when I checked so here is your clue found by Deputy and *Kitty~chan*