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  1. Hey Jellybeans, I want to see if we can find a better time for the week Gm Event. so we're going to try this http://whenisgood.net/Jellyroevent All you need to do is, paint over the times that are good for you and submit, Do put in your Main characters name for the name, if there are any issues let me know, (it should show all hours from 12am - 11 pm form sunday - saturday we generally ask you when is a good time for the event, because we know that life is hard, and it can change when is the best time for group gatherings. Deadline is December 13th. Though we are willing to extend it if requested.
  2. If you take this job it will be for the next year, it's good to have some art in stock pile so we have something ready.
  3. Its the end of June on a summer evening and we at staff hope those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying your summer! It has been exceptionally hot in many unexpected places recently, so if that is the case for you, we hope you are staying safe and reasonably comfortable. As is tradition for our July updates, we don't have any new content per say, but we do have some important announcements. Task Board We have made it possible for players to earn Auros by completing tasks we need done, such as making guides, art, video. These tasks will be things that we need to hopefully help JellyRO as a whole. The Wiki, our YouTube, guides that may need to be updated, quest information, or even just intel to help us out. There are even tasks that can be done by a group of people, which uses the club feature on the form. Find out more by checking out the Task Board! Summer Festival Coins If you haven't earned any Summer Festival Coins yet, it's not too late! This seasonal currency can be obtained though Volleyball and GM events. They aren't very useful yet, but they could be in the near future, so make sure you save them. In the meantime, you can also continue bringing summer suit parts (dropped by monsters) to Tailor Jessica near the volleyball court in Beacon Island, as well as trying your luck at opening Summer Crates and Summer Packs, purchasable from the Auro Shop. Event content will disappear on September 5, 2021! A Note about Djinn We are finally going to be giving some attention to the Djinn, which has been missing the buff that summoned stronger plant monsters with Bio Cannibalize. We apologize that this has been on the back burner ever since we switched the server from eAthena to Hercules. No updates/fixes have been made to the item yet, but we temporarily updated the item's description to reflect what it currently does. We will be attempting to modify the source code to allow the custom Bio Cannibalize buff to work again. If it doesn't behave, we will consider adding a different skill-related buff. Reminder About Sharing Accounts This isn't something new, but as a reminder, our account security guidelines (found in our rules) state: "Do not share your username and password with other players." There is no penalty for this, except that if anyone breaks rules while using your account, you will receive the punishment. Further, when it comes to any events with prizes that are intended to be 1 per person, doing the event on another person's account will not yield any reward for you. So it's best to do it on your own character / account. When we do GM events, we are required to perform an alt check. This is to keep the rewards fair, as opposed to someone coming in with 5 alts to fill up the party and earn a lot of rewards. Checking for alts involves email addresses, IP addresses, and sometimes other information from accounts and logs. Not all GMs have the access required to fully perform these checks, so it's much simpler to rely on checking the email addresses on accounts. Another good reason to not share your account information is the other person can change the email address of said account. The email address is proof of account ownership, so if your account is stolen through these methods, it is an uphill battle to get it sorted out. We would need to verify that the accounts were stolen and not transferred or sold. In short, to be safe, don't share your accounts. Maybe in the future when we have Player IDs in place, this will be streamline to something simple for everyone involved. Monthly Updates Featured Auro Shop Costumes Featured Jellybean Rewards Additional Notes Auro Shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated. Jellyblob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes. Reduced fame points by 10% for all characters on accounts inactive for 90 days. Don't forget to patch! How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net! If something isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.
  4. JellyRO is looking for Community help to find missing intel REWARD : 25 Auro / Per Being as old as we are, we do have several guides already on the forum and the Wiki. However with all the changes that have occurred, we are not certain if those guides still hold to the standards that we expect from our tasks. We want a list of all the guides that are not up to standard, and guides that may need to be revisited and updated.
  5. JellyRO is looking for Community help to find missing intel REWARD : 25 Auro / Per As our server is 16 years old, we know that a lot of our quests in game do not fit 100% with iRO or any other official wiki quest guides. We are asking the Community to check our wiki to find missing quest guides and/or if a quest is no longer correct.
  6. JellyRO is looking for a Quest guide for how to get to Leviathan REWARD : 1000 Auro The quest should start with how to start fishing and getting the fish, as well as where to go to battle the MVP Leviathan. Note: we don't expect you to know the entire ins and outs of the fishing mechanics, but a basic guide should be provided.
  7. JellyRO is looking for Community help with gathering intel. REWARD : 15 Auro / per We need a list of all HP and/or SP healing items. Sometimes the CP has troubles grabbing this information. What we plan on doing with this information is to later sort it in order of least healing to most. We have a strong feeling that a lot of healing items were buffed or nerfed over the years, and has messed with the balance.
  8. JellyRO is looking for some Community help with head issues. REWARD : 75 Auro / per Our game has 127 colors that work in combination with 85 hair styles, for each gender, with 8 directions. That is 172,720 different combinations that we do not have the time to go through. We need to know which combinations have issues. Maybe there is a weird line on the side when you look a certain direction, or the colour pallet doesn't work with a certain hairstyle. Remember to check the face as well. picking stuff up, taking damage, and dead also should be performed in your checks.
  9. JellyRO needs a list from the Community's help. REWARD : 25 Auro / item We believe a bug was found and need to make sure it's not just an isolated cased. We need to find every item, be it pet, gear, or usable. That grants a skill with a duration. Most items that grant skills not belonging to a class will appear in the ect. tab on your skill window. If it has a duration when used, then we need to know about it. If it is not an isolated bug, these items will need to be fixed.
  10. JellyRO is looking for a Art for the Loading images. REWARD : 750 Auro Requirement: Size: 640 wide by 480 height Format: .jpg Additional info: 24 bit depth, 96 dpi. Right now we have 2 loading screens that alternate. We would like to change that. Loading screen needs to have JellyRO in the image somewhere. Game will resize to fit the client's size so do keep that in mind.
  11. JellyRO is looking for a Art for the Discord logo REWARD : 2000 Auro Requirement: Size: less than 10.24MB, 512x512 Format: .gif animated We got server boosted and have the ability to use an animated gif for our icon. We would love to do this, but don't have one ready. It needs to be able to fit in the circle cut off. Because this is animated we will up our pay for this bounty, but we want it seamless repeatable.
  12. JellyRO is looking for a Art for the September announcement. REWARD : 750 Auro Requirement: Size: 400 height, 600 wide. Format: .png We're looking for a general start of autumn feeling, as the warm air of autumn passes. This image will be added to our pile of possible announcement headers if accepted.
  13. JellyRO is looking for a Video Recording of Volleyball. REWARD : 200 Auro Summer time is one of the few seasonal events that should be fun and enjoyable. We would like a video of you and your friends playing a friendly game of Volleyball. Recording should not have alts. Bonus: If all the players in that game session provide their own video, there we'll up it to 250 Auro each. -Condition this task is a first step, so we would like it to be done before July is over.
  14. Welcome Jellybeans to the Tavern Bulletin Board. Here you will find several quests that take you out of the world of Midgard and help the betterment of the server as a whole. The quests you find here will not require stats and zeny, but rather your own personal skills. As these tasks get completed, the wiki, website databases, forum, and in some cases the social media of JellyRO will improve. I will not lie, a lot of these quests are tasks that I need to have completed, but we felt that you, the players, may be able to assist us in conquering this dragon. In return we'll offer you Auro. In the past, we had players assist us in a similar fashion, but it was not focused, so the bulletin board will help us focus that raw energy of yours. There are major items on our wish list that we would like to complete, but do not have the time. Each task should be accomplishable with information and resources that are publicly available, and will not involve any scripts, backend code, or other private data. Each task will be sorted into one of 6 categories, each with their own subset of requirements. To claim a task, simply reply to the thread. General guidelines All tasks will follow these basic guidelines. All written or spoken submissions must be in English. Staff reserves the right to edit all submitted work on tasks as needed, and can use your work for future projects. All submitted work needs to follow the rules, and meet the requirements of their category. All tasks can only be claimed by 1 person at a time. Once claimed, they are put on hold while the person works on said task. They will have a time limit to complete the task. If done incorrectly or not completed in time, it will be put back on the bulletin board. Each person can only claim 1 task at a time. All written work must be able to pass a plagiarism test. We're not asking for you to reinvent the wheel, we just want them to be your own words and thoughts. Each task has a time limit of roughly 2 weeks to complete the task, after this time has allotted the task will be considered not completed and will be put back on the board. You can reclaim it again, but after the 3rd time, you will no longer be allowed to claim that task. Video Some tasks may only require you to get the footage, while others would require you to edit it. These requirements cover both. Make sure you use the Replay recording feature in-game. You will need to submit the Replay files afterwards. Videos should be to the point. Try to focus on being active and minimize idle time. Videos that are edited need to have some indication that they are JellyRO, such as putting our logo somewhere. If videos have music, it must not be copyrighted. Any video with music that is copyrighted will be rejected. The exception is in-game music. Each video must be longer than 30 seconds but less than 10 minutes. If the replay is reaching 10 minutes, stop it, and start another. Quest Guide These tasks should be designed to help someone complete a given quest no matter their level of experience with RO. Guide must have requirements listed at the top: level, class, previous quests, items, zeny, etc. There must be at least 1 picture showing the general idea of the quest, whether it shows where to start or the reward at the end. Guide must have each step listed: where to start, where to go, where to end. (Location coordinates must be compatible with a /navi command. Use /where to get your current map/coordinates.) Assume the person reading your guide has no items. Your guide should explain where to get any required items. Guide must be Wiki compatible: no special characters that would not render correctly on the wiki. Refer to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Wikitext to get an idea of what would probably cause a problem. Art While I am personally not half bad, I don't have time to make all the art we require. I'm sure there are some talented artists in our community. Art must be able to pass a google reverse image search. If you're using photoshop to edit existing images, make sure it's still unique enough to pass. The art piece must follow the format and pixel requirements. Once the art is submitted, it will be judged by the community because art is subjective. If there are at least 10 hearts or good reactions it will be used, and the artist will be paid. If the art piece does not reach the goal in 2 weeks, it will be rejected. The artist may retry if they wish, otherwise the task will get reposted for someone else to try. Build/Leveling Guide These guides should be designed to fit our server and aid others in becoming the best they can be. Guide must be clear on which class/job they are meant for. If general, then state all classes/jobs. Assume the player has no gear, or doesn't know where to get it. The guide should list where to get said gear. If guide refers to an area on where to level, the guide needs to include what gear the player should have at that point. Your guide should not include gear that is only obtainable with Special Item Tickets or other limited edition items only available from past events. If the gear is available in the Auro shop, explain how to get it without Auro. Unless the guide is geared towards parties, assume the person following your guide is alone. The guide must be . Guide must be Wiki compatible: no special characters that would not render correctly on the wiki. Refer to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Wikitext to get an idea of what would probably cause a problem. Miscellaneous tasks Miscellaneous tasks don't really fit with the other categories, but are more about compiling and sorting information. All requirements will be in the post. Community tasks The forum has a club feature. Unlike the pervious tasks, these are aimed towards a group effort. Just like miscellaneous tasks, they aren't a specific category. If a list is required, a single list will be submitted. List cannot contain any duplicates. All members of the group must be in a club, and have a primary in game character. Each group can only have 1 task at a time, but members can be in multiple groups. Group members are also allowed to claim a solo task at the same time. Each club will have a treasury. As tasks are being completed, the reward will be added to their treasury (once a week). Group leaders may contact a staff member to inform them who to transfer funds to, and how much. Since most community tasks are a per system, the time limit rule is altered. A community can hold a task for as long as there is activity on said task. If no activity is observed for more than a week. The task will be reassigned to the post board, unless it is believed to be completed. The Community that claims the task after that will get the pervious list to avoid duplications. Do keep in mind this is all experimental, and we reserve the right to pull the plug at any time. So let's test the waters for now. You may have noticed the 'your ad here' boxes in the tasks. Current rates to put a short message there, it's 5 Auro per written box (you can que). When I need to fill one out I'll draw from the list of available ads, and fill in the box. I won't put your message twice on the same page. It does however need to be follow our rules still, so nothing you couldn't say in #main or #trade. If you have a custom image you want there its 20 Auro per space, and must be appropriate to show in a safe for work environment, the image needs will be sized to 200 by 200 pixels, and please host it on a site that won't remove it due to old content, so don't host it on tinypic or some other similar site. I was tempted to put in some of the Trade chat in there, or some Easter eggs.
  15. JellyRO is looking for a Quest Guide on the Summer Hat. REWARD : 150 Auro This Hat of summer quest is old and has been around since 2013. Being this old, it is a simple get items, and talk to npc to get item. That being said, in an attempt to make a quest guide for all the quest, we'll start with this simple one. It should include where to get the items to exchange for the hat. Feel free to include alternative methods, or refer to other wiki articles.
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