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  1. [Insert amazing banner that Photobucket totally didn't ruin for everyone] Date : August 12th, Saturday Time : 9.30 PM server time (Use @time ingame) Gathering spot : Prontera town Requirements : Any class/level. Exp loss map, be aware. Remark : No late comers. How To Play & Rules: Simple! Just don't die! There will be 10 rounds. For every round you survive you get a point. Person with the most points wins first, second most gets second, third most third and everyone else collects a consolation prize for letting me explode you to pieces. ABSOLUTELY, NO:
  2. Dulcet

    The Amazing Race: Advanced

    Advanced Race Please check the event thread for details: The Amazing Race
  3. Dulcet

    The Amazing Race: Extreme

    Extreme Race Please check the event thread for details: The Amazing Race
  4. Dulcet


    All you need to do is show up with a partner! We will have a small tournament depending on who shows up. Plan for about an hour of play! We will meet by the Volleyball court in Beacon Island. Rules: NO dual clienting NO spoiling peoples fun Play nice and have fun! Prizes: 1st: Jejecap 2nd: Jejeling Egg Participation: Various summer statfoods:
  5. Dulcet

    The Amazing Race: Noob

    Noob Race Please check the event thread for details: The Amazing Race
  6. Dulcet

    Nidhoggr's Nest

    Date : May 13th, Saturday Time : 9:15 PM server time (Use @time ingame) Gathering spot : Morocc Town Requirements : Must have Nidhoggr's Nest. Level 70+ Remark : No late comers. Die at your own risk. EXP loss map. Loots is free for all. How To Play/Join & Rules: You MUST have completed: Guardian of Yggdrasil and all it's pre-requisite quests to join. I will not be warping people into the instance, if the gate does not let you pass, you will not be joining us. -or- have purchased "New world (Fairy)" from Ras Al Ghur ABSOLUTELY, DO NOT: Bother me about suppo
  7. Dulcet

    Discord Open Discussion

    DISCORD OPEN DISCUSSION April 6, 2017@ 9pm-10pm CST/Server Time You are invited to take part in an open discussion with the staff on Discord. This is your chance to talk to the staff in real time to express concerns, raise questions, report bugs, look for support, or just come chat with us. Topics Topics will be decided by posts made in THIS THREAD we will not entertain any discussion outside of the topics of our choosing from what is posted in this thread, so if you wish to have something get talked about you MUST post it. Even if you will not be able
  8. Dulcet

    Chicken Run

    Runtime : Feb 4th 2017 @ 2130 AM CST Server (Use @time ingame) Gather point : Prontera Requirement : MUST be an Archer class with an Ostrich Mount or a Sword/Slinger class with a Peco Mount. Hosted by @GM Dulcet For more info, please visit here.
  9. A reminder that GMs will NEVER talk to you in game with a normal character. We all have GM uniforms. We also will NEVER ask you to go to Skype. Our chat medium is Discord, You can clearly see our official accounts in the JellyRO Discord with our names nice and colorful and under the @staff heading. GMs will also NEVER make chatrooms with normal characters to talk about official GM business. If you see someone talking in a chatroom, that isn't actually in that chatroom, report it immediately. It is a common thing that scammers do. Never give them your account
  10. Dulcet

    WoE: TE

    Open Castle: Prontera/Gloria 4 (Heine) Training Edition allows no outside gears and few outside items. Details can be found here. The War of Emperium is a game feature that allows guilds to fight in order to conquer a Castle to be the headquarters for the guild. Owning a Castle gives your guild some exclusive benefits. Every night at Midnight server time, 4 or more (depending on the economy of the castle) treasure boxes will appear in the castle giving useful items and equipment. There is also a special Guild Dungeon accessible to ever
  11. until
    Please see thread for more details: Here
  12. until
    The Official JellyRO Novi Niff Race Runtime: 11/25/2016 @ 12:00 AM CST Server with @GM Dulcet
  13. until
    The Official JellyRO Novi Niff Race Runtime: 11/12/2016 @ 1:00 AM CST Server with @GM Dulcet More information
  14. until
    The Official JellyRO Novi Niff Race Runtime: 10/29/2016 @ 8:00 AM CST Server with @GM Dulcet Information here
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