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  1. Halcyon


    All applicable rules are enforced on Discord. Please also observe the following: Use the #support channel for GM assistance. Use the #Event channel to advertise your own server wide events. Do not direct message any JellyRO staff members unless directed to by another staff member. Do not tag @staff group unless there is an urgent issue regarding the server. Use Push-to-Talk in voice channels. Users with disruptive microphone problems may be muted if they do not fix the issue. Excessively lengthy personal or off-topic conversations should be kept in a voice channel that no one else is using or direct messages to avoid causing too much disruption. First Offense: Warning Second Offense: Disconnect Third Offense: 1 Week Ban Final Offense: Permanent Ban Due to the closed environment of Discord, a single violation may result in permanent ban from the JellyRO Discord server.
  2. It is prohibited for players to trade JellyRO accounts, characters, items or currencies in exchange for: Real Money (RMT); Accounts, characters, items, or currencies from another game server (Inter-server); and Any and all other goods and services not associated with JellyRO. A single violation will result in a permanent ban on all accounts associated with the offender's IP address.
  3. Halcyon

    PvP Misconduct

    This category includes all player vs. player activities including, but not limited to, War of Emperium, Battlegrounds, and Poring Wars. Please refrain from the following behavior: War of Emperium Summoning transcendent characters into non-trans castles. Underhand tactics to inhibit movement and/or visibility. Battlegrounds & Poring Wars Joining a match with more than one character. PVP Rooms Following someone through different rooms to kill them repeatedly. First Offense: 24 Hour Mute Second Offense: 3 Week Account Ban Final Offense: Permanent Account Ban
  4. Halcyon

    Public Mischief

    Public Mischief is defined as any action that disturbs or interferes with the community at large. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Chat and skill spam. Malicious interference with an event. Any activity relating to looting or kill stealing (except on pay_dun00, gl_prison, orcsdun01, and anthell01; as well as MVP that are not mini bosses). Any activity with the intention to MPK (Monster Player Kill: Using monsters to kill a character). Any activity related to spawning monsters in towns, the first level of dungeons, or special maps used in quests. We recommend using the Bloody Branch Rooms for branch-breaking parties. Any activity related to warping a player without permission. Setting up a Vending/Buying Shop or a Chat Room in the streets of Prontera and Alberta. "Streets" are generally defined by tiles of a different color/pattern and a clear edge separating them from "sidewalks". Blocking any NPC with a Vending/Buying Shop or a Chat Room. This can occur when you are less than 4 spaces away from the NPC. First Offense: 12 Hour Mute Second Offense: 24 Hour Mute Third Offense: 3 Week Account Ban Final Offense: Permanent Account Ban Dependent on the severity of the crime, and at staff discretion, the punishment for offense may be heavier.
  5. Halcyon

    Recovery Tickets

    Account Recovery If you ever need to submit a support ticket to recover accounts, make sure you are familiar with the following: You must have access to the e-mail that is attached to the accounts. If you do not have access try to use the e-mail recovery system for the e-mail provider you use. For Yahoo e-mails For Microsoft e-mails: MSN automatically deletes inactive email addresses after 365 days. For AOL e-mails: AOL has an 800 number you call to reactivate accounts. For G-mail e-mails For University e-mails: Contact your school administrator. You cannot recover: Friends accounts Family members accounts Accounts that have been sold For bought accounts please see the Account Security section. As of April 1, 2017, we no longer will attempt to recover accounts that do not have e-mail access. Once you have recovered your accounts, please write them down, save the recovery emails, make a txt file on your desktop, etc. with your account information. Players abusing the support ticket system for GMs to keep track of their accounts will be issued a warning. If the player continues to abuse the support tickets this way, the GM has a right to refuse service. Item Recovery If you ever need to submit a support ticket to recover lost items, make sure you are familiar with the following: Lost items can usually be recovered for a fee. Fees for all item recovery cases are subject to the staff's discretion. Determining factors may include, but are not limited to, the complexity of the case, the amount of evidence provided by the victim, and which Account Security guidelines were not followed. The fee may be waived if all Account Security guidelines were followed, and the loss was not due to player error. An item is NOT recoverable if: You broke it by upgrading You vended it for the wrong price You left it on a sold character You left it in your cart when your character was rolled back. (You can roll back to a merchant class to regain access to your cart.) As of June 1, 2016, we no longer make exceptions for recovering items that you broke or dropped in the process of quitting. As of January 1, 2017, the item recovery window is exactly 1 year before the current date.
  6. Halcyon

    Illegal Activity

    Any and all references to illegal activity that violates local, state, national or international laws or regulations will most likely be reported to the proper authorities.
  7. Halcyon


    Do not threaten, embarrass, cause distress, or give unwanted attention to others. Any repeated aggravating or disturbing behavior toward a player or staff member can be considered harassment. This also covers behavior that falls outside of our rules about Abusive/Offensive Content. Invasion of privacy is also harassment. Do not start rumors or publicly make assumptions about a player or staff member's identity, whether that identity is another online persona or a real life name. Do not share any personally identifiable information or real life photos/videos of other players or staff members. In any case, it is reportable and punishable whether or not the identities/info/images are accurately attributed. Please screenshot and report any invasion of privacy immediately. There is no need to engage the offender in any way. Otherwise, if you are being harassed or if you witness harassment, please take the following steps and document each step with a screenshot: Clearly tell the offender(s) to stop, and do not respond to any harassing remarks. If the offender(s) keep harassing you and/or another player after you stop responding, give the offender(s) one last warning to stop, and clearly state that you feel harassed. (Examples: "Stop harassing me.", "Stop. This is harassment.", "Stop it. You are making me uncomfortable.", etc.) If the harassment still continues, stop all communication with the offender(s), and submit a report including your screenshots via support ticket. If there is not sufficient evidence of harassment, no punishment will be issued to the offender(s), but they may receive a warning. You may wish to block messages from the offender(s) and/or avoid the offender(s), but this is no longer required for the report. We realize there are situations where blocking a player may not be an ideal solution, and it is not fair to require a victim or witness of harassment to leave a place they have the right to be. In cases where you do not reach the third step within a week of initiating the first step, the step escalation resets, but if you had to take the first or second steps 3 weeks in a row or during any 5 non-consecutive weeks, you may still report the incidents, and we will use our judgement based on the situation. Punishments for each offense may vary depending on the nature and severity of the harassment. First Offense: 24 Hour Mute Second Offense: 3 Week Account Ban Final Offense: Permanent Account Ban At our discretion, revealing or making an assumption about a player/staff identity may result in a permanent ban on all accounts associated with the offender's IP address.
  8. Halcyon


    The following actions are considered fraudulent and may be subject to extreme repercussions for first time offenses: Impersonating and/or pretending affiliation to another player or staff member. Attempting to obtain an individual's personal/financial information and/or virtual goods without the individual's consent or by or tricking the individual into giving the information and/or virtual goods. Issuing a charge-back for donation credit. Bypassing IP restrictions for instances, activities, or bans. Attempting to to deceive staff with false information. A single violation will result in a permanent ban on one or more accounts depending on the severity of the offense. The following fraudulent actions are not subject to multi-account bans: Deceptively vending items that are similar/identical and falsely advertising. First Offense: 24 Hour Mute Second Offense: 3 Week Account Ban Final Offense: Permanent Account Ban
  9. Halcyon


    The rules for all categories are applicable for forum posting. The following is also prohibited on JellyRO forum: Multiple forum accounts. Players are permitted only one; Making non-constructive and/or multiple posts designed to bump, derail, or disrupt the thread topic; Multiple posting without reason; Abuse of the "Report to Moderator" button by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages; Use of rapid, flashing imagery designed to trigger epilepsy and other disorders; Creating duplicate threads; and Signatures larger that 190px on 1024x768 resolution. First Offense: Warning Second Offense: 1 Week Ban Third Offense: 3 Week Ban Final Offense: Permanent Ban
  10. The following actions constitutes cheating and exploitation and are thus prohibited on JellyRO server: Modifying JellyRO data files in a way that gives you an unfair advantage; Using anything other than the current official JellyRO client to connect to the game server; Third party programs that automates game play (including macros and excepting AIs); and Exploiting bugs or mechanics that results in the gain of large quantities of zeny or items and/or disrupts the server. Dependent on the severity, and at staff discretion, a single violation may result in a permanent ban on all accounts associated with the offender's IP address.
  11. Halcyon


    While all applicable rules are enforced in all in-game channels and chats, the following rules have their own set of punishments: #main channel is reserved for general conversation and questions, offering free goods and services, advertising upcoming events (such as dungeon/instance runs), and party/guild recruitment. #trade channel is reserved ONLY for buying, selling, and trading goods and services related to JellyRO. English is the only language permissible for both #main and #trade. Use the @request command with discretion. This is a direct line to any staff members in-game and/or logged into Discord. Please state your request in your initial message. "Any GM on?" or "Hello?" do not help us serve you efficiently. Any @requests that do not contain a legitimate request will be considered abuse of the system. First Offense: Warning Second Offense: 12 Hour Mute Third Offense: 24 Hour Mute Final Offense: Account Ban
  12. Halcyon


    Do not promote, link to content from, or recruit players for other RO servers. Do not advertise any unrelated businesses, organizations, or websites. Do not sell non-JellyRO goods or services. First Offense: 6 Hour Mute Second Offense: 12 Hour Mute Third Offense: 24 Hour Mute Final Offense: Account Ban
  13. Halcyon


    Thank you for playing JellyRO! Online game communities are at their best when everyone is respectful and fair. Therefore, we ask that all members conduct themselves accordingly when using the JellyRO game client, JellyRO forums, JellyRO Discord server, and official JellyRO social media pages. Our aim is to provide a friendly and fun environment for everyone. General Policies: Member access to the services provided at JellyRO is a privilege and not a right. Respect all staff members. They are volunteers who are doing their best to make JellyRO the best it can be. Our rules broadly define what behavior is expected as a member of this community and may not address every type of offensive behavior. Players who commit offenses in any language will be subject to the same penalties. The staff shall have full discretion to address any behavior that they feel is inappropriate. Repeated severe violations of the rules may result in being IP banned from one or more JellyRO services. In some cases this means a player is not allowed back on one or more JellyRO services, even with a new account. If a player commits an offense that results in a ban on an account that is not their own, the account will remain suspended until the rightful owner claims it and changes the password with the understanding that the offender is not to use the account. We often rely on players to report offenses they witness, but we do not tolerate false reports. If you report something that did not happen at all and/or modify the evidence to make it appear that something happened differently than it actually did, you will receive the penalty that correlates with the falsified offense. Players who receive penalties may appeal their penalty via support ticket. General questions about rules and penalties may be asked in the game, on the forums, on Discord, or in a support ticket. When in doubt, don’t do it! We reserve the right to: Suspend your access to these services at any time for reasons that include, but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to abide by these guidelines. Evaluate each incident on a case by case basis. The action we take may be more lenient or more severe than those listed under each category. Severity of penalty may depend on the offender's history of rule violations. Change or modify these guidelines at our discretion and without notice. The bottom line is that we want JellyRO to be a fun, safe, and stress-free environment for all players. When interacting with other JellyRO players, you will encounter those who share different experiences and come from vastly different backgrounds. While certain words and images may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that that same words and images may have a completely different effect on someone else. We’ve done everything we can to make this a great community – now it’s up to you!
  14. Halcyon

    Account Security

    Follow these guidelines to avoid losing your accounts/characters/items: You, and ONLY YOU, are responsible for the security of your accounts at all times. Choose a strong, secure password that you will not forget. We are not responsible if your items are stolen because someone guessed your password. Do not share your username and password with other players. If you decide to share your account with anyone, you take FULL responsibility for their actions and any resulting punishments for offenses they committed while using your account. Never give your username/password or items to anyone claiming to be a staff member. We will never ask for this except in a Support Ticket. Do not ask another player to transfer items or zeny for you. Verify that accounts/characters transferred to you by another player are as advertised. IMMEDIATELY change the password and the registered e-mail address of transferred accounts on the My Account page of the JellyRO website. Triple check names, items, and amounts when trading, NPCing, upgrading, vending and/or mailing. Make sure Drop Lock is checked on Inventory and Screenshot is checked on trades. Be cautious when trading with low level characters. When in doubt, ask the player to use a character that is over Level 90 or Transcendent. We advise against lending items to anyone, but if you do, weigh the risk and consider the consequences of losing the item. If you lend items, have the other player say that he/she is just borrowing the items, and make sure it shows in the screenshot. Remember that item theft is most commonly committed by friends and guild members. Report item loss immediately through the Support Ticket System. If you do not make a report within 24 hours, we may not be able to help you in some cases. In general, the longer it has been since the incident occurred, the longer it may take for us to help you.
  15. Abusive : Using, containing, or characterized by harshly or coarsely insulting and/or cruel language/content. Offensive : 1. Causing someone to feel deeply hurt, upset, or angry. 2. Actively aggressive; attacking. Abusive and/or Offensive Content is prohibited when using the JellyRO game client, JellyRO forums, JellyRO Discord server, and official JellyRO social media pages. This includes, but is not limited to, character/pet/homunculus names, guild/party names, forum names, post content, links, images, and any chats, public or private. The following is a list of content that is considered abusive, offensive, or overall inappropriate, whether it is clear or cryptic, and in any language: Slurs, discrimination, symbols, or promotion of hatred against race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or religion. Threats of real life violence of any kind. Explicit sexual content. Inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions. Personal insults against individual players, groups of players as a whole, or staff members. Personal insults differ from game-related "banter" or "trash talk" when the remarks are directed at an individual's personality, physical traits, or abilities outside the game, especially in a way meant to invalidate that person's feelings or opinions, and/or to make that person feel bad about themselves. First Offense: 24 Hour Mute Second Offense: 3 Week Account Ban Final Offense: Permanent Account Ban
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