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    So you bought an xmas box or got a Lotto ball Your name here is your bingo card. To find out what your card is. Just click the link and put your name in the "get card" http://forum.jellyro.com/bingo.php So after you get your card you going to need lotto balls, Lotto balls are found in the xmas boxes, (they come in alongside the normal item) So how will this work you call bingo here when you have the proper balls on your character (mention which ingame character) I'll verify, you will get a prize based on the configuration you successfully made (you can only claim and after a claim you are done) PRIZES Column 1 (J): 2 old blue boxes Claimed by ani_thing Column 2 (E): 2 gift box Column 3 (LL): Old card album Column 4 (Y): 2 Old purple boxes Row 1: 5 Dungeon teleport scrolls Row 2: Christmas Costume Box Row 3: 25 bloody branches Claimed by Tukang Row 4: Mystical card Album Claimed by puff nuggz Diagonal Top Left to bottom right: SQI Card Album Claimed by Dareous Diagonal Bottom Left to Upper right: JellyRO card Album Claimed by LinchLord FULL Bingo: 50 credits Claimed by Kuto and remember you can only claim bingo once for a single reward that wasn't claimed before most of you will probably go for the full bingo I wouldn't blame you. Just be sure to call bingo when your valid. :D Best of Luck to you all,
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    On the 10th day we had to make a tree, 3 trees. Put the pieces in the place and read from left to right, to bottom, (here's a hint the ones with the red ornaments go on the bottom)
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    On the Ninth day Kathis pulled out a Perplex City card Bored, on a cold winter's day, Otto and Pip decided to set me a puzzle. The cut out six snowflakes, and then made six identical copies. Their challenge was to match the pairs up. they say every snowflake is unique #L#+1L#+2L...#+5L SOLUTION : 1A2E3F4B5C6D HOW TO SOLVE: It's hard to describe, it's a matter of matching the patterns. It becomes easier when you break the snowflakes into 12 parts and try to match up the pattern from there, (6 is easy to figure out. and half of that.) You can also match 2 of them easily, the D and the c just by looking at them . HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 9
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    I like to see everything in rose color tinted glasses... Not really, I do have irlens but red hurts my eyes, there are 3 ways to solve this one. 1. own one of those red color glasses, or a red tinted candy wrapper, or a 3d glasses and close an eye, or a red overlay... you get the idea. 2. Get a program that lets you to turn off the green and blue color channels, (I like gimp it's free....) 3. squint very very hard.... Good luck with this one :D Hopefully your enjoying the little mini activities I thought this would be more fun than last year where it's more of a scavenger hunt across our medias SOLUTION : HardcodeNo? HOW TO SOLVE: find a way to read the message that is hidden under the red, which can be simply removing leaving the red channel, or filtering through a red filter. HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 13
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    From the top to the bottom, Grab the letters to make the code SOLUTION : t52skemafh HOW TO SOLVE: Go through the maze, any letter you run across add that to your code. HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 11
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    'Twas the DaybeforeAnnouncment, when all through the forum Not a creature was stirring, except for Kathis; The patches were hung by the server with care, In hopes that everything wonderful would be here; The players were nestled all snug in their beds, Except for the Overseas players who were farming heads; And Finnian in his 'kerchief, and I in my cap, Had just about settled down for a long night's nap, When across the room there came a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, Maximized the window and saw the test crash. The things we had worked on were throwing up errors breaking left right and center without giving a care, when all hope seemed lost who did I spot, my wonderful team of staff, which were a curious lot, "Now, KAITLEYN! now, DONUT! now, HIBI and MAENIEL! On, CHRYSANTHOS! on LINUS! on, RETRO and GWYNIEL! To the test servers! to the Test servers client! Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!" Away they coded, away they tested, fixing all the broken things that had gathered. Coding Left and testing right, fixing everything that broke in sight. They spoke not a word, but went straight to their work, And fixed all the scripts; then turned with a jerk, and as quickly as they came, the scripts compose, and moved their mouse the button marked close. And now the scripts they seem to be ready, the patches seems steady. But there is something the left for you players you see for there is a gift right under the Christmas tree For in this poem there is a code for you to find find it and redeem it and you will be rewarded in-kind ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So ya fun time's it's that time again we have an advent calendar I had a bit of fun with this one, I HAD a plan for this years in how we'll be doing it, but we'll see if that plan can fall through. In the meantime the first code is there. SOLUTION : DaybeforeAnnouncment HOW TO SOLVE: it was italicized under the tree image HOW MANY SOLVED IT: 8