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    Is everyone having a great summer? We hope so! This year has seen a lot of changes to JellyRO as well as to the world outside. This month is no exception and this summer is full of both the new and the established. The Heat Goes On! Summer isn't over yet and that means neither are volleyball or summer suits! Don't forget you can earn Auro from playing volleyball, so make sure you play often! Monsters are still dropping parts of summer suits, so it's the best time of the year to go adventuring! Summer ain't over till the leaves fall! Event content will disappear on September 6, 2020! Peace in Midgard Hello, WoE-riors! As was recently announced, issues with War of Emperium have caused a cease-fire throughout the land. This means no castles will be available until October, at the earliest. However, the heroes of Midgard can still do noble deeds for the land by conquering dungeons like the Endless Tower and Cellar or by hunting bounties from the Auro Board, available in the Event map. Heroism is more than just conquering monsters and castles, it is also about chivalry and respect. We know that JellyRO is full of heroes, and this time of peace will provide plenty of opportunities for other great deeds. Anniversary Event Winners and Jelly Scrapbook Castle Conquest has concluded. Through the efforts of a few brave guilds, half of Kathis' soul was restored, allowing him to handle getting the rest of it back, assisted by yours truly, without too many complications. The guild that broke the most emperiums was: Midgardians Moving on to the screenshot contests, there was not much competition for the Massive Group Screenshot contest, but we did get an entry that qualifies for a prize! The winner of the Group Screenshot contest is: Kaeri and co. The unique players in the winning groups will receive their prizes through the rodex mailing system. The History of Jelly thread got some great screenshots from the server's earliest days. Old characters, proud WoE victories and server-wide events were all revisited in many screenshots from some of the server's oldest players. While there were not enough unique posts to qualify for the prize, interest was expressed in continuing the scrapbook. So be on the lookout for a new scrapbook thread to post your favorite screenshots! Monthly Updates Featured Auro Shop Costumes Featured Jellybean Rewards Additional Notes Auro Shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated. Jellyblob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes. 23 instances of weight checks have been fixed, specifically in Louyang and Dicastes. Don't forget to patch! How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net! If something isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.
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    Here is a picture of when Prontera 1 was held by Resonance, red shield and company for quiet sometime and got 100 econ and Premonition along with Grand Lethal and a few other great guilds managed to take them down and destroy the econ. Was a lot of fun back then to WOE!
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