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  2. Is everyone having a great summer? We hope so! This year has seen a lot of changes to JellyRO as well as to the world outside. This month is no exception and this summer is full of both the new and the established. The Heat Goes On! Summer isn't over yet and that means neither are volleyball or summer suits! Don't forget you can earn Auro from playing volleyball, so make sure you play often! Monsters are still dropping parts of summer suits, so it's the best time of the year to go adventuring! Summer ain't over till the leaves fall! Event content will disappear on September 6, 2020! Peace in Midgard Hello, WoE-riors! As was recently announced, issues with War of Emperium have caused a cease-fire throughout the land. This means no castles will be available until October, at the earliest. However, the heroes of Midgard can still do noble deeds for the land by conquering dungeons like the Endless Tower and Cellar or by hunting bounties from the Auro Board, available in the Event map. Heroism is more than just conquering monsters and castles, it is also about chivalry and respect. We know that JellyRO is full of heroes, and this time of peace will provide plenty of opportunities for other great deeds. Anniversary Event Winners and Jelly Scrapbook Castle Conquest has concluded. Through the efforts of a few brave guilds, half of Kathis' soul was restored, allowing him to handle getting the rest of it back, assisted by yours truly, without too many complications. The guild that broke the most emperiums was: Midgardians Moving on to the screenshot contests, there was not much competition for the Massive Group Screenshot contest, but we did get an entry that qualifies for a prize! The winner of the Group Screenshot contest is: Kaeri and co. The unique players in the winning groups will receive their prizes through the rodex mailing system. The History of Jelly thread got some great screenshots from the server's earliest days. Old characters, proud WoE victories and server-wide events were all revisited in many screenshots from some of the server's oldest players. While there were not enough unique posts to qualify for the prize, interest was expressed in continuing the scrapbook. So be on the lookout for a new scrapbook thread to post your favorite screenshots! Monthly Updates Featured Auro Shop Costumes Featured Jellybean Rewards Additional Notes Auro Shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated. Jellyblob was updated to reflect change in Auro Shop costumes. 23 instances of weight checks have been fixed, specifically in Louyang and Dicastes. Don't forget to patch! How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net! If something isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.
  3. Well, nobody did this thing yet so I'll give it a shot! 😄 This is when Password was chosen as the weekly event. Players pictured: ~{P}hasmatis Lupus Kaeri Dave Chapaladin ..xiao.kai..
  4. Some long ago, far aways.... 1. The beta test for gunslingers, ninjas, and star glads. 2. Shiroe Stryfe, my champ, as an aco! (That's Knivesy's not well known female account sitting next to me) 3. The final WoE of Raven's Nest 1.0. They later came back but by the time they did most of the people in this picture were either Reso or (a few) Eternal Moon. After successfully defending our castle, we went to Jawaii to celebrate. And as you can see, we well-succeeded. This is one of my best memories from this server. 4. The first screenie I have of Knivesy. I wish I had gone into her computer and gotten some of her screenies to share. 5. The server went down for a few days. But we will never die. 6. Eternal Moon's first WoE with our allies Reso, and Premonition?!!? I had forgotten about that! (Sorry Will and Noobie!) 7. Eternal Moon's very first cap!!!! I will stop there, as that last one was picture 737, was only halfway through the folder, and that folder is the first of 3, so I could turn this whole thread into my scrapbook easily... But all of these memories are why Jelly was and always will be my home. It was my very first MMO, and as long as it is here, I always will be.
  5. Finnian

    Castle Conquest

    18/36 emperiums have been broken! Gloria 1's emperium was broken on 2020-07-01 23:37:25 by Pax Imperia Elites Prontera 1's emperium was broken on 2020-07-02 11:07:49 by Midgardians Gloria 2's emperium was broken on 2020-07-02 12:23:38 by [ Mark of the Elite ] Gloria 3's emperium was broken on 2020-07-02 12:52:20 by [ Mark of the Elite ] Gloria 5's emperium was broken on 2020-07-02 13:15:49 by [ Mark of the Elite ] Karf 1's emperium was broken on 2020-07-02 15:26:03 by Pax Imperia Elites Karf 3's emperium was broken on 2020-07-02 19:34:09 by Pax Imperia Elites Karf 2's emperium was broken on 2020-07-03 20:54:18 by Pax Imperia Elites Prontera 2's emperium was broken on 2020-07-03 21:38:44 by Midgardians Prontera 3's emperium was broken on 2020-07-03 22:29:55 by Midgardians Prontera 4's emperium was broken on 2020-07-03 22:52:37 by Midgardians Prontera 5's emperium was broken on 2020-07-03 23:54:10 by Midgardians Aldebaran 1's emperium was broken on 2020-07-04 08:24:35 by Midgardians Rachel 1's emperium was broken on 2020-07-04 09:33:59 by Midgardians Rachel 4's emperium was broken on 2020-07-04 09:52:51 by Midgardians Rachel 5's emperium was broken on 2020-07-04 10:10:30 by Midgardians Yuno 1's emperium was broken on 2020-07-04 10:21:52 by Midgardians Yuno 2's emperium was broken on 2020-07-04 10:41:05 by Midgardians Halfway there... All soul fragments from the Prontera and Gloria areas have been recovered. Castle Conquest will continue until the end of Saturday. Maintenance is coming...
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  7. Finnian

    Castle Conquest

    Attention Jellybeans! This is an emergency! Hordes of monsters have taken over the castles that the players were not defending. When Kathis tried to stop them, they managed to trap fragments of his soul in dozens of emperiums, one in each vacant castle. I am powerless to remedy this situation because I cannot risk falling to the same fate and leaving JellyRO admin-less. It's up to the brave guilds to save Kathis! Are you up to the task? Beware! Some of the beasts are very strong, and they are accompanied by restless spirits from the past. They will stop at nothing to keep the server owner's soul in pieces. If that's not enough to motivate you, let it be known that the guild that can break the most emperiums to free pieces of Kathis' soul will be rewarded!
  8. Dear JellyRO players, For those of you who just want the news, it's right here in the first paragraph. Due to several problems with War of Emperium, and the time it will take us to fix them, WoE 2020 Q3 is canceled. That means WoE will continue as usual until maintenance on July 5th, and then the next "season" of WoE will not start until our October maintenance. When WoE returns, it will be in open beta testing with the first phase of changes implemented. We will listen to your feedback and try new things until we find the kind of balance and fairness that the majority of us can agree on. If you would like to hear our explanation and other thoughts on the current state of affairs, please continue reading. We're taking such drastic measures because we now realize that we have allowed these problems go on for far too long while we have been concerned with improving other aspects of JellyRO. Tensions have reached a point where we can no longer put off dealing with it. Unfortunately, we are not able to make all the immediately needed changes happen in a short time, and allowing WoE to go on as it is in the meantime would be irresponsible. Disabling WoE, even for just three months, was not a decision that Kathis and I took lightly. As far as I know, it has never been done before on this server. WoE is an integral part of the game for many players, and it will be missed in the coming months. We hope that you will understand why we had to do this, and that you will be looking forward to the coming changes. Some players may want to go and play elsewhere, but we ask that you don't wander too far because, after all, we are doing all of this for you. There are so many new features we would like to add (such as various types of collection books, a more dynamic warp girl menu, and a new shop that resells miscellaneous items that players have sold to it), but first we need to deal with all the existing stuff we're trying to fix (such as all the inconsistencies in our custom scripts, the issues with Nidhoggur's Nest and some other instances, and now balancing WoE). Or at least we should be fixing these things, but just when we are starting to make some progress, more problems are discovered, some crisis needs to be dealt with, and/or a staff member or two needs to take a break for personal reasons. At times, it may seem like an endless uphill battle, but I still have hope that one day we'll catch a break and our perseverance will pay off. Keep in mind that the staff are, in fact, only human. The mysterious beings you know as Kathis, Finnian, Linus, Hibi, Donut, and Kane are real people, with real lives, spread across many locations (not to mention our testers who are still behind the scenes). The only thing that sets us apart from anyone else is that we have the added responsibility of keeping this server running and our players happy. This is a responsibility that brings us a certain amount of joy and fulfillment, but it IS work, which is on top of whatever else we have going on in our lives, and there is a lot of pressure to make the right choices. We continue to do the best we can, because we know that games like JellyRO have an important role during these uncertain times. People want to escape from everyday life, and there is comfort in familiar things. We are all dealing with a changing world and trying to adjust our lives to a new normal. Our sincere thanks goes out to the players who have stuck with us through everything and keep trying to help us improve by giving constructive criticism and suggestions. Fifteen years and we're still here, but we wouldn't have gotten this far without all the support we've had from our players along the way. Slowly but surely things will get better, and with all of us together, JellyRO will get better too. Jelly regards, Finnian
  9. It was hard to choose so I have a few... my favorite is first, followed by links to the others! This is toward the end of my wedding reception. A few close friends lingered to share personal sentiments. Nalin's words regarding me being a part of the Glowstick Tribunal guild still makes me feel warm and fuzzy. ❤️ And Hellsinger's comment still makes me "lawl". 😂 Here is the actual wedding~ https://i.imgur.com/n14ilJn.jpg Just a bunch of noobs! lol... https://i.imgur.com/KZuiXIv.jpg No worries, Gene. Your beautiful face is visible in my screenshot! (Not that anyone would need to see his face to know who is wearing that hat... 🍍) https://i.imgur.com/KrbaliE.jpg
  10. Rather embarrassed to say that normally I don't keep screenshots, because I tend to hit print screen by accident a bit. So I perioditly just clean the folder, but somehow this one had managed to miss the purge. An old character of mine, super novice, hasn't died yet...
  11. Hi friends, it's been a hot minute. This was a fun trip down memory lane, trying to figure out which shot to pick. Ultimately, I went with an old one from WoE: This was over 13 years ago now, so I'm relying entirely on the social media caption to remind me what was going on: "Glowstick Tribunal WoE: Held Geffen 1 on Saturday April 14th, 2007" If any of these wonderful people are still around, I'm sure their names may have changed, but at the time, we had: ~Emi~, Nalin, Ceph, Varis, Zhuzsdar, Hellsinger, Starfall, Rowa, Soundcheck, AxeGunner, Aidan, JacksAvatar, Joule, Thund3r, and Final Preacher. Don't have the whole crew in this picture, but hanging out with this guild are some of my favourite memories from playing. 💜
  12. And here is our first transcendent characters ! 10 years ago 😁 Sadly only me still playing. 😢
  13. y first screenshot, been The Last screenshot on my first year - 2006, XMAS event. My first character after I was teached how to take screenshots.
  14. Here is a picture of when Prontera 1 was held by Resonance, red shield and company for quiet sometime and got 100 econ and Premonition along with Grand Lethal and a few other great guilds managed to take them down and destroy the econ. Was a lot of fun back then to WOE!
  15. All my screenshots are mostly from WoE but none of them have a watermark (it does have the client name though) so they don't qualify. Nonetheless these are just here for the show: https://imgur.com/a/wGfve https://imgur.com/a/apfXZ https://i.imgur.com/07g7hn0.jpg https://i.imgur.com/t7bh3cc.jpg https://i.imgur.com/v5mYJll.jpg
  16. Once Upon a Jelly... A decade and a half ago, a group of intrepid adventurers began their journeys through Rune Midgard on a private server. Over time, more people joined and the server grew into a huge community. Since then, adventurers have come and gone, but the server has endured, and the community is so strong that even retired adventurers still keep in touch through social media and our forums. This month is our server's 15th anniversary, and while our server has had many names and ups and downs, it has always been our home. Our community would be nothing without our dedicated players, and this month is about celebrating you! JellyRO would like to invite all players past and present to submit screenshots to celebrate the history of our server. Feel free to tell us about the screenshot you choose. There are a few rules, but there will also be prizes! Rules: 1. Your screenshot has to be at least one year old. It must have a visible date/time stamp before May 31, 2019. 2. It must have the watermark of JellyRO or one of its previous incarnations: Anima, Anthem, Animus, or Anesis. 3. One screenshot per post. One post per player. 4. Your screenshot and/or comments must be in accordance with the JellyRO Rules. In case some of you may be returning from a long break or retirement, here's your reminder to get yourself up to date on our rules. Prizes: This is the fun part! If more players participate, everyone gets more rewards. That's right, rewards for the whole server! When the Tier 1 goal is reached, the hidden reward for Tier 1 and the goal for Tier 2 will be revealed. If the JellyRO community gets all the way to Tier 4, Kathis will increase the event budget to offer a super special reward! And it doesn't end there. We will continue to add on as many new rewards and goals as necessary to encourage more players to come back and post their screenshots. Rewards will be obtainable through promo codes redeemable for in-game items after the JellyRO 15th Anniversary Event ends. #table {margin: auto auto; width:90%;} Tier 1 goal: 25 posts Tier 2 goal: ??? Tier 3 goal: ??? Tier 4+ goal: ??? Reward: ??? Reward: ??? Reward: ??? Reward: ???
  17. Something Old and Something New The nice thing about our server is that the players often get together on their own, without GM intervention. This is a screenshot event, but unlike our other event happening in tandem with this one, the goal is to get a picture with the most players in it. Sounds easy, right? Let's cover some ground rules first. Rules: 1. The timestamp on your screenshot has to be on or after May 1, 2020. 2. It must have the watermark of JellyRO. 3. All people in the screenshot must be listed in the post. 4. Alts and vendors may be included, but they do not count. 5. Your screenshot and/or comments must be in accordance with the JellyRO Rules. In case some of you may be returning from a long break or retirement, here's your reminder to get yourself up to date on our rules. 6. Posts must be made before July 5, 2020 (extended from June 30). Prizes: A server event wouldn't be server event without prizes. All listed players in the photo will get 20 Special Item Tickets, which will allow you to choose one of the many items from Nekorace in the Event Map, including but not limited to: Crimson Booster [1] Twitching Ears [1] Demonic Whisper [1] Guardian Angel [1] Mewing Cat [1] Black Valkyrie Helm [1] Bunny Top Hat [1] Loyalty Bag If there is a tie, the pot of Special Item Tickets will be split, and both lists will be combined. People in multiple screenshots will be only counted once, in this case. (Tie between two, 10 tickets; tie between three, 6 tickets; tie between four, 5 tickets; etc.) Everyone will get a Jellyblob (1 per participating player), regardless if the screenshot they are in is selected or not. How to participate: Get your friends together and take a screenshot. Post your screenshot here with a list of everyone in the screenshot that are not alts or vendors. How the players can win big: The screen render range was increased so you could easily get 900 characters in 1 shot. At the time of writing this event, from April 1, 2020 to now, there have been 228 distinct IP addresses that have logged into our server. This doesn't take into consideration those sharing the same household. If all 228+ players got into the same screenshot, a total of 4560+ special tickets will be distributed. We are prepared to deliver the promised rewards, even in the case of a coordinated effort by players on such a grand scale.
  18. Finnian

    Castle Conquest

    All castles that are not currently being used for WoE will be filled with monsters. Fight your way through to the Emperium and break it get a point for your guild. (Note: You will not actually capture the castle. Once an Emperium is broken it will not respawn.) At the end of the third day, we will see which guild came out on top!
  19. Finnian

    Automated Events

    Join us for extra in-game events hosted by the JellyRO staff to celebrate our 15th anniversary!
  20. Finnian

    Fate Dice

    Join us for extra in-game events hosted by the JellyRO staff to celebrate our 15th anniversary! This event was rescheduled,
  21. Finnian

    Endless Cellar Run

    Join us for extra in-game events hosted by the JellyRO staff to celebrate our 15th anniversary!
  22. Finnian

    Shroom Rush

    Join us for extra in-game events hosted by the JellyRO staff to celebrate our 15th anniversary! This game is like Bomb Poring with mushrooms and teamwork! 😄 Mushrooms will be spawned as well as bombs. All mushrooms must be cleared without the use of skills/spells, but you also must try to stay alive! Dead characters stay dead until the round is over, and the ones who remain living must carry the team to win the round. Game over if everyone dies. If all mushrooms are cleared, dead characters are res'd and the game proceeds to the next round. There will be a total of 10 rounds. Each round the mushroom spawn will increase.
  23. Finnian

    RO Trivia

    Join us for extra in-game events hosted by the JellyRO staff to celebrate our 15th anniversary!
  24. Finnian

    Life Bomb

    Join us for extra in-game events hosted by the JellyRO staff to celebrate our 15th anniversary!
  25. Finnian

    Hide and Seek (GM hides)

    Join us for extra in-game events hosted by the JellyRO staff to celebrate our 15th anniversary!
  26. Finnian

    Scavenger Hunt

    Join us for extra in-game events hosted by the JellyRO staff to celebrate our 15th anniversary!
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