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  2. Kathis

    Lazy Days of Summer

    Vacation Days Happy summer, Jellies! We hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation and is relaxing in sunshine and blue skies! Summer is HOT in Kathis's cave, where your dedicated staff is working hard to make donations a thing again! Until then, there's volleyball! Summer of Auro Volleyball and summer suits will continue throughout the month. Just a few reminders, though! The summer suits will disappear when the event is over so make sure you use them and share them with your friends, guild, party, and fellow Jellies! Volleyball games are still available for Auro prizes, giving you all extra chances to earn that sweet, sweet currency for use in our Auro shop! And when you run out of Auro and still want cool stuff, come to the weekly GM-run event on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. server time, where you can win Jellybeans to trade for even more costumes and pets! Summer Event content will disappear on September 1, 2019! GM Event will continue until Kathis says so. A word from Kathis Last month we been fixing NPCs as they been coming up. This was due to the old weight checks using the item's code name rather than their ID. So when it was changed to something that was clearer for our Devs. For example the old code names were Knife, Knife_, Knife__ oppose to Knife3, Knife4, Knife0 (the numbers referring to the slots), so the technical reasoning why the NPCs are not working is because they are looking for an item that doesn't exist anymore. Five players have reported a total of 10 scripts that needed this sort of treatment. Hibi is going through the scripts fixing all the ones they can find. So lesson learned on the item code clean up. Remember to keep on letting us know which NPCs are still not working through the Bug Tracker, a ticket, or the @request system. That's what's been happening on that front. In regards to donations, the reason this has taken so long was because of a lot of complications, as much as I would love to go into details of the process, I'll spare you all and state that we are using a new service, the only issue we currently are experiencing is that the website control panel (cp) uses a system called FluxCP, and Paypal is integrated pretty deep into it. Worst case scenario we'll make a new site page for all your donation needs, but increasing your credits will be a manual process. We don't want this to be the case, and we imagine you guys wouldn't want this to be the case either, I am hoping it will be resolved before next maintenance, but don't hold me to that please. Next we compiled the survey results and made a document for everyone who was curious of the results, this is our second survey we had completed. The survey was conducted in game throughout the month of June. If we saw you online and didn't have you on our list we would warp to your location. This way the results are from those who are actively playing the game. The document can be found here. Besides the usual monthly updates, I am suspecting that there will be many small fixes over the next couple months that can be done without a server reboot until it's time for Halloween and castle rotation. I'll continue to keep you all up to date. Monthly Updates Featured Auro Shop Costumes Featured Jellybean Rewards Additional Notes Auro shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated. Jelly Blob was updated to reflect change in Auro shop costumes. Synced system time so WoE will start and end on time now. Thank you .Scout. ; Father Priest; Koyko; Biochemist Rudie; and Lord Arrow for reporting the NPCs that were causing some issues. To follow updates, you can also refer to the server changelog. How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net! Don't forget to patch! If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.
  3. Kathis

    WoE Warp Wrap-up

    There is not a whole lot we can do about not using the warps and flags as means to enter. If you see someone who shouldn't be there during NT, screen shot it with their name, and submit a ticket. If we checked when someone enters a map, it would trigger when anyone enters any map, and then compare the map they were in. Doing this for all the castles and adding the additional check to see if the castle is part of NT will only cause lag. Hence why we are not doing that option. someone walks enters into prontera. server would then check to see if it was one of the many castles maps, (each script would trigger like this) we already have this sort of issue with killing mobs, (checks when any mob is killed to see if they are part of the race of the day, or the monster of the day) a lot of old scripts do this, which is why sometimes the players event queue fills up, and certain things simply do not occur right. We can limit the lag, and server stress as much as we can. You are all adults, and should know where you can and shouldn't be.
  4. Koyko

    WoE Warp Wrap-up

    ninja class cant enter NT woe portal manually. but can be recalled by Emergency Call.
  5. Finnian

    WoE Warp Wrap-up

    Greetings, Citizens of JellyRO! For some time, Non-Trans (NT) WoE has had issues with the warps not working correctly. Various Developers had tried to fix it in the past (and some of the staff, myself included, were under the impression that it had indeed been fixed), but the fixes they implemented did not work as intended on our server. Last week, we tried something that finally worked. We apologize that it has taken this long to properly address this problem. Kathis' solution ensures that Transcended characters are no longer able to go through NT WoE castle warps. If they enter a warp where NT is in effect, it immediately sends them outside the castle. Since we rotate the active castles every 3 months, we decided to go ahead and make all castles capable of supporting NT. There is one minor side effect you may notice. Cloaked characters will be transported through any castle warps (if the character is allowed to enter the castle). However, they will be automatically uncloaked when they arrive on the other side. (Warps normally require a character to uncloak before entering.) We decided this is acceptable, so it should not be considered a bug. In addition, all the castle flags in towns and inside the castles, are fully functional again (as opposed to only the flags just outside the castle entrances). Members of a guild that owns a castle may use any flag associated with that castle to be transported into or close to their Emperium room. However, Transcended characters will not be able to "flag in" if their guild owns a NT castle. We worked hard to implement this update in time for NT WoE last Sunday -- especially Kathis and Hibi who worked with the scripts, as well as me and others who spent many hours testing it. We hope these changes are an overall improvement to WoE. It has worked as intended on the live server so far, but as usual, if anyone discovers exploits, please report it to us and you will be rewarded.
  6. urko

    Call to arms!

    Nice to see you qilito, Packer III was high on the list.
  7. gilito

    Call to arms!

    Rules must be established at beginning. After event end any rule sounds meh
  8. Kathis

    Call to arms!

    Finally done tollying the scores, thank you everyone for participating and for your patience for waiting for the final score. Character Name Points 1 ~ Leica ~ 60452 2 zunzun 31958 3 .Scout. 25803 4 Packer lll 23031 5 Champion Rudie 19463 6 @ PEORTH @ 11000 7 Kototama 8719 8 --Black_Warrior-- 8153 9 H y e r i 7772 10 S o j i n 4801 11 )( Goddess )( 4557 12 The Nutcracker 4054 13 Rodrigo Roa Duterte 3738 14 **SKULD** 3655 15 Lord of Arrow 3283 16 --Killa-- 3230 17 Baby_Champion. 2800 18 Reign Yuie 2582 19 Give me two kisses 2308 20 P e t i X 2236 21 Ryu Minamoto 2040 22 Dyon Flowright 1626 23 M. A. Jaelani 1622 24 Smooth Dude 1487 25 *$*RaymonD*$* 1445 26 []Romeo Strike[] 1441 27 Tenjo_Night 1310 28 Bomber Will 1019 29 D_Xodus 720 30 i strike 685 31 Aava 650 32 Makarov Dreyar 640 33 Marcio~ 623 34 Biochemist Rudie 564 35 Goldmember 482 36 charlzstar224 434 37 R o m e o 423 38 Mal-chan 421 39 Chulainn 397 40 D e I t a 375 41 Admiral_GST 375 42 E i n a 352 43 The Enterpriser 329 44 (-TaVo-) 326 45 Kodokuna 308 46 xiao..kai.. 270 47 Irina Shayk 234 48 ~[Lethal]~ 230 49 ~LaDy~GaGa~ 225 50 iCeltic 198 51 Artemis. 188 52 BellDandy14 180 53 !!URD!! 180 54 **Doink** 164 55 ~*MiniLuffy*~ 164 56 Dark Potter 161 57 K a i y a 159 58 ~Aneko_Nimoto~ 143 59 Inappropriate Name 57 117 60 -noob here- 117 61 Frozty. 99 62 ~Kha|r|~ 94 63 .xiao.kai.. 90 64 zero_kick 88 65 Ryu_Akuma 85 66 Father Priest 85 67 Exalted 82 68 AngelFreak2 81 69 xiao kai.. 81 70 sinyel 80 71 D o i n k ~ 73 72 Father Ravenscar 72 73 Gotengs 71 74 Desmond123 70 75 Mr. Nice Guy III 70 76 Bodie 70 77 Barachiyel 69 78 *skittles* 65 79 Salazar Slytherin 65 As a reminder it it was for per character, The characters in the top 10 will be granted prizes through the rodex mail. (I edited the table above to include placement and a line. If you are below the line you didn't get an email or prize since it was only the top 10 characters.)
  9. Koyko

    Call to arms!

    W/c dont count . OUCH :< drum roll!
  10. Kathis

    Call to arms!

    It's taking me a while, since there were over 3000 logs to shift through, and some of them were from the slave of storm knight (which do not count)
  11. Kurisu

    Call to arms!

    Do we have the list of winners yet?
  12. DeeP~! :D long time no see. lol what's happened? how have you been?

    1. TravGymn


      http://qa-travel.com What do you enjoy in Thailand

  13. Koyko

    Call to arms!

  14. Kathis

    Call to arms!

    Wounded Morroc has used the last of his power to break the protective barriers on all warp portals, allowing his Generals and minions to break through to finally try to take over Midgard! For this, we are calling to arms the players. Kill the MVPs and we'll give you points based on the MVP's level. However, Wounded Morroc is worth 200 points. We'll check the logs at the end of June 30th. The top 10 characters will get prizes. Grand prize is the Auro Pack (12000).
  15. Dear All , 



    A 4 year old girl was admitted due to 
    leg fracture. As it was an open fracture, she had to undergo an operation   

    To stitch the protruding bone back in place.   
    Though it was quite a minor operation, she was hooked on to   
    life support system, as a part of the process.   

    The doctors had to input some data prior to the operation   
    to suit different conditions. Thereafter, the operation   
    proceeded. Half way through the process, the life support   
    system suddenly went dead.   

    The culprit : -   
    Some one was using his/her hand-phone outside the operation   
    theatre.. And the frequency had affected the system.. Theytried to track the person, but to no avail. The little girl, youngand innocent as she was, died soon after.   

    Be compassionate! Do not use your hand phone / mobilesespecially at any hospitals or within the Aircraft or anyplaces where you are told not to use it... You might not be   
    caught in the act, but you might have killed someone without   

    Please pass this to as many, since most of us are just notaware of the seriousness of this issue.   

    Please Don't Delete. Please Send this to all your contactsand help save a life..   

    Last Word: 
    Please avoid using your mobile phones in hospitals, near OT areas / petrol pumps / aircraft etc ... wherever it is mentioned no use of mobiles, go by the rules, it's a matter of life & death.  

    A tiny mail can save a life    


    1. Marsh


      but i work in hospitals! 

    2. ImLonelyMao


      but i'm not ~

  16. S> Auro 15k

    Place your order in the Glowstick Enterprises thread: 


  17. Is there any woe nowdays?

    1. Kaeri


      Yeah, WoE is a thing. It's not huge, but there are a few active guilds that fight over castles and it keeps things interesting. :D

      More guilds would be great, if you want to start one or bring people over!

    2. Tavo


      That'd be very hard , i dont think my old fellows will like to come back.

      Its been years! so i doubt.

      Even for myself i have to start remember tons of stuff , where to play , how to play i just started download the game tonight.

      You can now imagine.


    3. RoRevival


      Yeah woe still active for trans castle but 2 to 3 guilds are active. See you in game. Poke us on main if you need anything.

  18. Kiyle... You still  play? /dum

  19. Donut

    Bomb Poring+Mushroom

    Sorry been changing the time, something urgent in real life, hopefully I can host on this Friday, See you there!
  20. Hey Laven? You still play? I want to catch up! Hit me up!

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    2. ミ☆ Austin

      ミ☆ Austin

      Knew u loved laven all this time

    3. thephi


      Oh shhhhhiiii. How’s the fam

    4. thephi



  21. ミ☆ Austin

    PVP after woe

  22. S> Auro 15k while supplies last! Place order in Mainstreet > Glowstick Enterprises 


  23. Kathis

    Mission Boards Temporarily Removed

    No banning, will be occurring this time around, we just took down the boards and they will be back up once once I work out the bugs.
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