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  2. Kiyle... You still  play? /dum

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  4. Donut

    Bomb Poring+Mushroom

    Sorry been changing the time, something urgent in real life, hopefully I can host on this Friday, See you there!
  5. Hey Laven? You still play? I want to catch up! Hit me up!

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    2. ミ☆ Austin

      ミ☆ Austin

      Knew u loved laven all this time

    3. thephi


      Oh shhhhhiiii. How’s the fam

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  6. Kathis

    King and Queen for a Day

    Welcome to the King and Queen event! There are a few rules that need to be stated before we begin. Participation requirements: The couple must be married in-game. You will need to verify this by successfully casting "I miss you". The couple must be wearing identical hats from one of our newly revamped Hats of Summer quests. Each couple must have a unique pair of hats. (First come first serve.) The hats cannot be costumes. You must register yourself and your partner on the sign-up thread, and declare which Hat of Summer you will be wearing. Each partner must be a separate player. Players found dual clienting will be disqualified. Perks of being royalty for a day: Unique crowns that you and your partner will be able to wear for 24 hours. The ability to make a server wide announcement every 30 minutes, prefixed with "The King decrees..." or "The Queen decrees..." depending on which crown you are wearing. Becoming the King and Queen: In order to become a King or Queen, one of you must go through a series of challenges, including a PvP duel, for your partner's honor. This player will be rewarded the King crown, and their partner will then receive the Queen crown. Same-sex marriages are welcome, and there are no gender restrictions on the crowns. The Challenges will be a series of mini GM events. For each successful event, you will earn 5 points towards your partner's honor. Afterwards, the PvP tournament will commence. If there are less than 10 entries for the event, then it will be a Double Round Robin style tournament. The tournament will be held on 17 February 2019, at 12 pm server time. The number of participants will determine if additional prizes are to be handed out, as well as the type of mini challenges, and the style of tournament. Regardless of the turn out, all participants will be awarded a Jellybean. The deadline for entry is 16 February 2019. When submitting your registration please use the following format: Character Name: Partner Name: Hat of Summer:
  7. ミ☆ Austin

    PVP after woe

  8. Kurisu

    Hogs & Kisses - from JellyRO

    Thanks a lot GM staff Finally, I can make my wandering wolf hats into costumes! The wolves of Morroc will be very happy.
  9. Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day Our February events are kicking off just in time for Lunar New Year on February 5. It's the year of the Pig (or Boar), and we hope you go "hog wild" for our new pig-themed event! Then, on February 14, it's Valentine's Day (A.K.A. Singles Awareness Day). As you may recall, one of our Christmas events featured the Singles Union, so now it's time for married folks to have their turn in the spotlight. And what better way to show your love than to fight for the honor of your partner? Jin and Sorga Traveling from a distant land, Jin and his trusty steed, Sorga, have found their way to Izlude. He has many wares to trade for, but he only accepts Apples, Unripe Apples, Straw Rice Bags, and Savage Meat. In exchange for the accepted foods, he will give you credits to purchase his goods. But that's not all! Jin has a way of telling where the Golden Savage is, and is willing to sell you clues. These clues can be purchased with Zeny or his credits. Gullinbrusti drop Straw Rice Bags, and there is one in each of the twelve regions of the World. The Golden Savage will appear in a random region, and there is only one at any given time. Good luck! Regions are as follows: Comodo, Einbroch, Geffen, Hugel, Mjolnir, Morroc, Payon, Prontera, Rachel, Veins, Yuno, and Lighthalzen/Umbala (Lighthalzen and Umbala are considered 1 region due to their low map count.) King and Queen for a Day We will be hosting a tournament to determine who will be the King and Queen for a day. Participation requirements: 1. The couple must be married in-game. Successfully casting "I miss you" will be used to check. 2. The couple must be wearing the same hat from the newly revamped Hats of Summer quests. These matching hats will symbolize your token of love. Each couple must have a unique pair of hats. (First come first serve.) 3. You must register yourself and your partner on the sign-up thread and declare which Hat of Summer you will be wearing. Perks of being a royal for a day: There will be a unique crown that you and your partner will be able to wear for 24 hours. You will also be able to make a server wide announcement every 30 minutes, prefixed with "The King decrees..." or "The Queen decrees..." depending on which crown you are wearing. How to become King and Queen: One of you must go through a series of challenges, including a PvP duel, for your partner's honor. This player will be rewarded the King crown, and their partner will then receive the Queen crown. Same-sex marriages are welcomed, and there is no gender restriction on the crowns. More details will be provided in the sign-up thread. Click here to sign up! Event content will disappear on March 3, 2019! Hats of Summer Grand Finale After many months of revamping and fixing up the Hats of Summer quests, we have reached our milestone. For that, Z̙͎̮̗̋ͪ̌̇͂̈́͛ͯ̇ͅa͈̳͉̫̦̥ͤ̂ͮm̥̭̻ͫͨ̈ͭ̄ͩb̩͇̺̮̣̰̲͇ͣ̂ͧ͊l̝͈̟̯̜̺̄ͧ͊̌ͣ̐̾̉͑ĕ͍̞̫̼̟̤̮̻̥̓ͮ͆̿ has risen to the surface in Izlude. He will convert your Hats of Summer into costumes for a fee of 10 million Zeny. And maybe your soul. However, if you refined the headgear, each refinement will reduce the price by 1 million. The Sale Sign and the Friend Hat will lose their Hat of summer status for now, as they will be repurposed for future projects. You can still earn them through their original quest, but the Record Keeper will not reset those quests, and Z̙͎̮̗̋ͪ̌̇͂̈́͛ͯ̇ͅa͈̳͉̫̦̥ͤ̂ͮm̥̭̻ͫͨ̈ͭ̄ͩb̩͇̺̮̣̰̲͇ͣ̂ͧ͊l̝͈̟̯̜̺̄ͧ͊̌ͣ̐̾̉͑ĕ͍̞̫̼̟̤̮̻̥̓ͮ͆̿ will not accept those hats. Monthly Updates New Auro Shop Sales Featured costumes: New Jellybean Rewards Hats of Summer revamp: The End! Note Headphones [1] Strawberry in Mouth Sugared Fruit Stick Inn Rewards Poker Game Safari Hunt Water that Melon Additional Notes Auro shop and Jellybean exchanger have been updated. The snowman has run out of stock. Snowballs will continue to be throwable until the snow melts where Kathis lives in Canada. Several quest logs were updated Several items were updated and fixed All costume versions of HoS that did not previously exist were added New NPC sprites were added King and Queen Crown sprites were fixed to be their actual headgear Several monsters were fixed To follow updates, you can also refer to the server changelog. How are we doing? Review us at RateMyServer.Net! Don't forget to PATCH! If something still isn't working correctly, please submit a bug report.
  10. Marsh

    From the desk of Kathis

    We have to move out from our comfort zone and keep learning @Tukang
  11. thephi

    From the desk of Kathis

    @ImLonelyMao da faq lol
  12. ImLonelyMao

    From the desk of Kathis

    Well...i got too lazy to explain. Clap hand that all what i can do. my station is going to reach...i have squad logic every day. but what i found up is no one on the server. i don't need any logic anymore...maybe i'm looking for miracle . A word Teacher is not a position or a job. That only your work can prove the result..and not the word. i'm totally agree you are generate a good environment for us. but we all are difference , it was simple , if you want to remove someone from existence from the reality you exist in. just forgive about it. if you are talking about rules , how about syria ? life is being in mistake , you have to solve you own and not showing your edge. i'm here are not blame anyone. we have to move out from our comfort zone and keep learning...
  13. Kathis

    From the desk of Kathis

    Taking the incident aside, the change in the rules is to help prevent such outbreaks in future as well, but let's address your viewpoint of the situation. It matters not if it's on the internet, phone, in person, through old fashioned letters. It's harassment. If you pulled this on facebook https://lowenthalabrams.com/facebook-harassment-criminal-lawsuit/ It can still get you into real trouble, regardless of it being "on the internet" because And not to remind everyone but.... Our server is currently in the United States, so our laws are based there, Had it been in canada, we don't even get freedom of speech, look it up not in our rights. Hopefully that answers your question on why the harassment rule was changed in hopes to prevent future outbreaks like that
  14. ミ☆ Austin

    From the desk of Kathis

    It's the internet. If you are getting "bullied" or feeling "harassed" or "insulted", you need to figure out that on any online game there will be banter. You also need to understand that the easiest way to get away from the "bullying" or "harassment" online... is to just close that application, or maybe go do something not online. It should 100% be part of the solution, which it was, and even if you don't block them, what's the next best thing? Maybe just not replying (especially when the banter had already ended.. not naming anyone specific.)
  15. Kathis

    From the desk of Kathis

    @ImLonelyMao I mind the drama because it cascades enjoyment on everyone. sort of like when you are traveling on public transit and when you end up seeing a couple, or what you must assume to be a couple, arguing away. You can't go anywhere, you can't really do anything. That feeling starts to spread to others. Our goal here is to make to provide a friendly and fun environment for everyone. If our rules are stopping us from accomplishing that, because people wish to harass others then it's clear that they need to be modified. Also in future please use english for your posts. My Chinese isn't that good, there is no rule against using different languages in any other place except for the main and trade channel in game, but all our rules apply to all languages, and you were asking me a question since there was no other post here at the time. @thephi "Tons of children" - you will need to be more careful with your choice of words, ask how others will react to them, some will take it as a personal insult. @ミ☆ Austin If we go with Mao's logic, that drama like life, and life is like drama. Then how do you remove someone from existence from the reality you exist in, while not affecting others view? But in all seriously blocking and ignoring someone should have to be part of the solution. It doesn't solve the problem, and problems don't magically go away. I want to believe you all are good nature people, meaning no harm. Most of this is probably miscommunication, not understanding the other person's view and how it could affect them. You are all adults, I don't see why I have to play teacher and supervise the playground.
  16. ミ☆ Austin

    From the desk of Kathis

    Weird how blocking people got removed from the steps when it's a 3 click process, and if you block someone on discord it's 100% on you if you click the blocked message to un-hide it. Lol.
  17. thephi

    From the desk of Kathis

    I am thrilled and happy to report - This "incident" did not involved Thephi. Just read the discord. Tons of children still play this game hahahahahah
  18. ImLonelyMao

    From the desk of Kathis

  19. Kathis

    From the desk of Kathis

    On January 13-16, a series of disputes from War of Emperium took place on JellyRO Discord. It was a very bad time, and we had to take action. There was a thorough investigation, which concluded the afternoon of January 19 (before the next WoE), and more than one player was penalized. Now I won't mention names here, and it's not my intention to bring individuals into focus. What I would like to point out is that making assumptions about the circumstances surrounding a ban, and commenting on your assumptions is just how rumors start. It causes more grief to the community as a whole. Further, any player who has been penalized can submit a support ticket inquiring about their penalty. Perhaps they believe it was misjudged, or perhaps we missed something. We are human, and we do make mistakes. However, other players cannot request an appeal for a penalized player, family or not, just like you cannot request a password recovery for an account that doesn't belong to you. So what triggered all of this, and how was WoE related? It boils down to bad sportsmanship, and while some felt it was just banter (which is allowed), others felt it was a personal attack (which is not allowed), and thus things spiraled out of control. To further complicate matters, multiple players in this felt they were being harassed, and while a few attempts were made to deescalate the situation, none of these players clearly told the other player(s) to stop, which was and still is the first step in the Harassment reporting process. Lastly, it is stated in our Discord rules, "Do not direct message any JellyRO staff members unless directed to by another staff member." I made an exception for myself as I like to keep my door open, but as of January 16, 2019, I have revoked that exception. Over the past 2 weeks prior to that (from December 30-January 16), I received quite a few complaints and ideas to the point that it hindered my own work. Also, the choice of wording in most of the messages were causing me some distress, so my door on Discord is closed unless I or another staff member give you permission to message me. These exceptions will be rare since it would not be fair if I only closed this avenue of communication to a few players. I try my best to keep things fair, and not play favorites. Even my own wife gets no special treatment as a player. TLDR: When WoE banter starts to get personal, it's time to disengage; if you feel that you are being harassed or bullied, tell them to stop in plain English; and don't message me privately on Discord without instructions to do so. These incidents prompted us to reevaluate our current rules. Changes have been made to the following sections: Overview: reorganized information and added policies regarding false reports and penalty appeals. Abusive/Offensive Content: added a definition for "personal insults". Channels/Chat: added rule regarding @request, due to repeated improper use of this command. Harassment: modified the reporting process to make it less disruptive for the victim. Please take a few minutes to read the rules, particularly those sections. http://forum.jellyro.com/rules Thank you, and we hope you are looking forward to our upcoming events after the maintenance on February 3!
  20. S> Auro 15k while supplies last! Place order in Mainstreet > Glowstick Enterprises 


  21. Kathis

    Mission Boards Temporarily Removed

    No banning, will be occurring this time around, we just took down the boards and they will be back up once once I work out the bugs.
  22. thephi

    Mission Boards Temporarily Removed

    Ban hammer?
  23. OMG where are the mission boards?! It has been brought to my attention that a bug exists in the Mission Boards that affects monster hunting missions. A player is able to pick up the same quest simultaneously on multiple accounts, then have each character in their party hit the MVP (or each monster) at least once before it is killed, and all characters get credit for the kill(s) (that is how kill quests normally work for parties) so they are all able to get the Auro reward for completing the mission. We want to encourage players to party up to do difficult quests, including the missions. However, the problem here is that it is too easy for an individual player to collect a greater amount of Auro daily than we intended to be possible from these boards. The mission boards have been temporarily disabled until Kathis makes some improvements that will prevent the multiple account issue.
  24. new staff, same shenanigans :)2

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